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Well, moving on, and the Feed

I got a little mushy yesterday about Mrs. the Poet. If you were married to her for 36 years you would get mushy, too. But, today is another day and I have other challenges to meet. Like getting my new bike home from the builder’s shop when my legs won’t get it back and it won’t fit on the bus or train. That makes “borrowing” a truck the only alternative. I’m going to have to take a break in the middle of composing the post again to go get the bike today. Also trying to deal with the emotions of reading about people getting killed and maimed several times a day is wearing, but not as bad since I stopped reading the Feed over the weekend. It’s not the size of the dose that matters, but the frequency I get it. Taking a 2 day break lets me recharge enough to deal with it again without the flashbacks getting too intense. It doesn’t seem to have any effect on the random nerve glitches from the physical damage I took all those years ago. And it’s also good that I don’t have any use for alcohol as a drug because I would be constantly drunk to “forget” if booze did any good at that. Akk! Another run-on sentence. I must remember that commas are not periods, and that punctuation is my friend in understandable writing. And Squirrel!

Meanwhile my new bike is posing for commercials…

My bike advertising for weight loss

The copy for the ad says “The one in the back makes you fat and runs on money, the one in the front runs on fat and makes you money.”

Down the road a bit from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, LEO are still actively searching for a hit-and-run driver. Search continues for Cedar Park hit-and-run driver They think the driver came back to steal the bike and pick up evidence, but he missed a bunch in the dark. He didn’t miss stealing the bike. I hope there is a special cell for this guy in the jail, that gets blisteringly hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter with no bedding, just let him sleep in the floor. And then make him watch as his car is crushed and recycled into bicycles so he will have some transportation after he gets out of prison. See, I can be nice! I actually want this spawn of Satan to have a healthy way to get around after he has served his sentence.

A little further away some people are beating up on people riding bikes, apparently because they can. NOPD seeks bicycle beaters Seriously, there’s no rhyme nor reason other than they can get to the victims and beat them up. What can you do to protect yourself against that kind of animal?

From CA LAPD seriously drops the ball on a cyclist assaulted in a road rage case. No justice for a victim of road rage; hit-and-run victims urged join Damien Kevitt at Critical Mass next week They have pictures of the car and plate, the crushed bicycle and pictures of the tire tracks over the cyclist’s legs, what more do they need? A signed confession from the driver?

An incident that echoes back to the assaults in N’awlins. Man attacks cyclist for (lawfully) riding up Denny Way sidewalk Seriously, can’t ride in the street, you get assaulted, can’t ride on the sidewalk, you get assaulted, still get assaulted when you ride in the bike lane…

Another article about the idiot politician telling people not to ride bicycles or motorcycles in his city because drivers can’t read signs and can’t drive. “No One Who Lives in Our Community Should Ever Ride a Bike” – American Politician I want the torch and pitchfork concession when the angry mob marches on his house. I think someone else already has the tumbrel and guillotine concession.

Infrastructure! news from L.A. CA. Bike Friendly Business District Pedals for Eagle Rock

And at least one bikey person got ground down by the lack of decent bike infrastructure in L.A. The Problems With Riding A Bicycle In Los Angeles The Dutch standard is from 8 YO to 80, inclusive of all ages in between. That’s not the L.A. standard.

And those are all the links that gave me fits about bicycles today.

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