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I’ll be spending my day off practicing riding my new bike, and the Feed

OK I have 8 hours with nothing scheduled to be done, nowhere to go and nothing to be done. I’m going to take my bike over to the cul-de-sac in front of my house and learn to get this thing rolling and riding in a straight line without having to dab every 5 feet so I can get the seat back up to a height that won’t hurt my knees when I pedal. I just have to get good enough to ride the bike the one mile each way to the grocery store right now, I can work on maintaining pace later. Just that one mile to and one mile from the store is all I need right now. Also still working on the other bike, the modified BMX frame that has been “stretched” for adult riding with the crank forward. I need to get material to use as the seat post on this bike as the stuff I was sold will not come close to meeting the need. Dangit!

Another blind driver hits a cyclist in VA. Good Samaritans Lift SUV off of Cyclist Cyclist on the through street hit by a driver pulling away from a stop sign when “blinded” by the sun. This is an intersection wreck but the geometry moots using the protocols as the driver did not start moving until after the cyclist crossed in front of her but before clearing the vehicle. Seriously, if you can’t see don’t just plow ahead blindly in the hope that nothing is in front of you. Shield your eyes against the sun with your hand or something. The wreck was in a location that would be shared space at 12 MPH in the Dutch model so only minor physical infrastructure changes could be made. The biggest change under the Dutch model would be strict liability and the fact that the cyclist was already in front of the weapon vehicle would make this her fault anyway.

Next state over and not too far as the crow flies from that wreck we get another very similar wreck in MD. Cyclist Hit By Pickup Truck, Dragged Several Feet Anther intersection wreck with the cyclist already in front of the weapon vehicle and riding with the right of way when hit. The cyclist was on the through street

Good news in a CA wreck, the driver is in jail. Driver involved in Huntington Beach hit-and-run bicycle death in custody And they got him in time to test him for DUI and make the charges stick!

Still in CA an update on the Milton Olin wreck. Case involving cyclist death being turned over to D.A. I hope they charge this guy with something for leaving his lane and hitting a cyclist in the bike lane. I also hope they charge the guy that designed the bike lane with something also, because this was a highly-predictable event with only a stripe of paint separating the bike lane from 50-60 MPH traffic.

And STILL in CA. Another bike victim In San Bernardino; cyclist seriously injured in Chula Vista; and charges in October OC hit-and-run

Why didn’t I see this one earlier? Former sheriff employee killed in H.B. bicycle crash I remember now, the link was originally behind a paywall. Another cyclist hit by a drunk driving in the bike lane, which is pretty much a definition of “unavoidable”. If the drunk could pull into the bike lane that easy at a speed high enough to rip the tire from the rim after hitting the cyclist, then the infrastructure is sub-standard.

Aftermath to a bike/ped wreck as the cyclist is tried in absentia. Cyclist ordered to pay $226,000 to man he rode into on Burnaby trailB.C. Supreme Court Justice Lauri Ann Fenlon found Ritchie, who did not appear in court for the two-day trial, to be negligent in the May 2007 accident.

Lifestyle for a downed cyclist in the Windy City. Cyclist Killed by Alleged Drunken Driver to be Honored at Benefit Saturday I’m still trying to figure out the “alleged” part in this headline. He was sloshed when they pulled him from the weapon vehicle after it crashed into an immovable object after hitting the cyclist, so there’s no “alleged” about it, except that he hasn’t been found guilty in a court of law yet.

And those are all the links that gave me fits, or not, about bicycles today.

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