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Interesting trip to the chiropractor, and the Feed

Well, it’s 2100 and I’m just starting the post because I spent all day going to the chiropractor. The good news first, they are gradually getting my spine back in line after the wreck and I’m having fewer backaches and they are less intense than they used to be (the first year after the wreck they could get so bad I would fall down from the pain, and I have pulled my own teeth without anesthetic). Now I sometimes have to take a little lie down and get my back straight in a fore-aft axis, but it’s something I do because it makes things hurt less later, not because it hurts too much to continue now. I have the lifted shoes and slippers (making the lifted slipper made a huge difference in my pain level) and my physique is getting less lop-sided as my spine gets straight.

Now the bad news, the lipoma on the back of my neck has gotten so big that it interferes with my range of motion both in twisting motions and in being able to tilt my head back. Right now I can only get a few degrees tilted back before the back of my skull hits the lipoma and can’t go any further. The intern told me the lipoma looks bigger to her than it did 2 weeks ago so there is something for concern there but it is far from time to panic. I just have to remember to ask the lab rat keeper about it the next time I see him which will be the 2nd week in May.

Up first was a difficult decision tonight, but I think the “winner” is this link. Dear Urban Diplomat: my cyclist husband risks his life by purposely ramming into cars. How do I get him to stop? Can you say “Male-derived bovine excrement”? Having survived getting hit 6 times since 2001 I can say I studiously avoid contact with motor vehicles at nearly all costs (aside from actually getting off the roads because then the terrorists win). Seriously did nobody fact check this before publishing? Because a guy on a bicycle hitting motor vehicles repeatedly is going to get hurt on a regular basis, not to mention getting charged with vandalism.

I think I posted a different link to this yesterday, but the guy that got hit and then dumped behind a dumpster in FL last year has died. Cyclist Dies Two Months Following Hit & Run This just changed from assault to murder, the intent can be proved by the dumping of the body rather than calling 911. Give him the bumper! Death by bumper! (apparently this is the only “acceptable” way to kill people in the US nowadays).

Updates on an OH hit-and-run. Hit and run victim identified as Cincinnati Country Day teacher and Suspected drunk driver in court for killing bicycle rider I could not believe the number of DUI this man had been convicted of, which just goes to show that there should never be a time span limitation to revoke a license for multiple DUI. This driver just kept doing it and avoiding getting caught until he finally killed someone. Another candidate for the bumper.

More death in the new #2 killer of cyclists in the US, FL. One killed in cyclist accident on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway The narrative on this wreck was very confused with no mention of which way either vehicle was going prior to the wreck, only that the weapon vehicle crossed the entire highway and hit a light pole in the median depositing the body of he cyclist there. I think there might have been an intersection that figured into the wreck somehow, but as near as I can figure from the narrative the cyclist was struck near the shoulder as the driver of the weapon vehicle was driving on a different road then crossed the two lanes on the east side of the road and ended up on the shoulder of the west side of the highway. Or hit on the shoulder went across the highway to the median then returned to the shoulder leaving the body of the cyclist in the median.

Ted Rogers has a frightening but safe encounter in LA. Today’s post, in which I frighten a distracted driver, and serve up some hearty breakfast links I didn’t say who got frightened, did I?

A little lifestyle in CA. Tour de Ed: Bike ride Sunday from Chico to Durham raises fund for injured cyclists and safety education Go Ed! Where he’s riding there are no cars or traffic signals and the pedestrians all have overpasses. And probably wings.

Infrastructure! news from NYC. NYPD: 1,191 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, 13 Killed in Traffic in January NYC come for the sidewalk hot dog vendors, stay for the vehicular murder and mayhem. Or go home in a box, they’re easy, y’know?

And I feel the need to Google the recipe for a drink called “fudge bomb”. Crankier At this point I “know” that it is probably alcoholic, contains possibly lethal amounts of chocolate, and is very sweet. Possibly based on Jaegermeister. Chocolate and cinnamon, reminds me of my mother’s fudge recipe…

And those are all the links that gave me fits tonight…

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