Stocking up while we can on Mule Day, and the Feed

I just got back from the grocery run, and as we had the son and his car we left the cargo bike in the garage and grabbed the coupons to stock up on certain things. One thing I stocked up on was a screaming deal on Gatorade quarts that was lower than the store brand sports drink with the coupon. Another thing was a screaming deal on tortilla chips so I got a couple pounds of those, too. Add produce deals that we took advantage of to the extent that we could consume the produce faster than it would spoil. Basically we had the back of my son’s car packed with food items and the pantry and freezer are likewise packed now that we got all the stuff home and put away. About the only thing we didn’t stock up on was Ramen. I still get that mostly when we do a FSM service at church and hand out packages of the dime a piece cheapy stuff. That quarter a package stuff is just sooo extravagant for our tastes. 😛

Again today we had very few actual wrecks in the Feed and lots of infrastructure and human interest stuff. After years of reading about dismembered bodies and worse, I kinda like infrastructure that doesn’t get people killed every day. So, let’s get to it.

The only real wreck to report is from South Africa. Cyclist killed in Carletonville Not much there only a description of a SWCC wreck with only half an intersection given.

A trucking company trying to derail a cyclist’s injury suit gets slapped down for failing to act in a timely manner. Suit by gravely injured cyclist against trucking co. remanded to Phila. Common Pleas Court Classic delaying tactic is to move the jurisdiction of a lawsuit at the last moment, only they went a little beyond the last moment on this one.

A lawsuit in Jolly Olde over a killer (almost) pothole. Injured cyclist, 72, to take legal action against Devon County Council after hitting pothole on Exeter road Yep in the UK the government is responsible for maintaining the roads, to the point that if they fail you can sue for damages.

This is kinda crazy and spooky from NYC. 2013’s Cycling Injuries In NYC, Mapped I generally don’t get the injury reports from NYC because there are so many of them, as shown by this map of just last year’s injury wrecks. There are thousands of them, approximately 4000 in fact. This is the corresponding fatality map.

One of the biggest problems with bike lanes in NYC is people using them as parking. Cops Cracking Down On Double Parked Drivers On UWS This helps.

More on Jolly Olde and their bike infrastructure problems. London Will Spend $500 Million To Make Cycling Safer The little I have seen of the proposed “infrastructure” I would describe as a band-aid on a sucking chest wound. Still prioritizing motor vehicle traffic over bicycle safety, only not as bad as before. Which is hardly what could be considered a ringing endorsement.

On the other hand, bike infrastructure I would literally kill for is dumped as no longer suitable for the purpose in the land where they do these things right, and make them more right later when they know more. This Awesome Protected Bikeway Isn’t Good Enough for the Dutch Yeah, that makes the local “bicycle highway” look like a bad joke.

Speaking of infrastructure, a cheap and easy way to separate bike tracks from motor vehicle traffic while allowing crossing for emergency purposes. Recycled plastic doodads make instant divided bike lanes

Legal infrastructure changes in CA. Legislation: Vulnerable user law for California We passed a near-identical bill in TX, only to see it get vetoed by Gov. Goodhair….

Still in CA. Morning headlines: Another day, another three Times bike opinion pieces — and this time, they get it right

Poking fun at helmet Nazis in the Anglophone countries. When in Rome, or, “Darling! Avert Your Eyes!” The school run at a Dutch middle school causes some people apoplexy, because all those heads arriving via bicycles and not a helmet in sight.

New e-assist bikes are hitting the market. Optibike Launches New E-bike Models

And a place where e-assist bikes will be displayed. Interbike and OR to launch e-bike and outdoor tech media event Compare different models of e-assist on the same course under the same weather? Brilliant! (I’ll have that Guinness now).

Last link, for when you can’t stand to not use something bicycle-related to eat with. Bicycle pizza cutter lets you bring your love of bikes to the table

And that was what got my interest today, with a minimum of dead bodies.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


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