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This is going to be a busy day, and the Feed

The lawn needs to get finished mowing, to do that gas must be bought and returned to Casa de El Poeta, I’m supposed to be cooking dinner tonight (Spam stir fry), and I have a blog post to finish sometime today, Oh yes it’s grocery day and there is almost no food in the house because Mrs. the Poet was sick last week and I was out of town so nobody bought anything more to eat. Add to that the minor(?) annoyance that one of the scars on my leg has decided to start itching (and I can’t tell if it is a real itch or a Phantom Itch) and let’s say I’m in a frenetic mood today.

Up first today because the wreck still pisses me off annoys me greatly is the memorial ride for the cyclist killed when a hit-and-run driver drove away with the cyclist in the bed of his truck. Memorial ride scheduled to honor cyclist killed in accident I’m sorry, this ceased to be an “accident” when the driver left the scene with the cyclist in the bed of his truck, that’s when he crossed the line into Capital Murder and earned a shot at the needle, or even better make him ride a bicycle down a freeway at night without lights until he gets run over since that seems to be such a popular way of killing people in TX.

Another bike wreck in TX. Bicyclist hit by a car in Harlingen Intersection wreck but other than that LEO are sitting on the details of this case. That usually means the driver was totally at fault and they can’t figure out a way of spinning it to make the cyclist look bad without making everybody look bad including the investigating officer. Intersection protocols might have helped avoid or reduce injury, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent altogether. The pictures that showed up when the page refreshed make it look like the cyclists (there are two wrecked bikes in the pictures) were riding salmon on the crosswalk when the driver pulled into the crosswalk hitting one in the back tire and catching the other between the front wheel and fender of the truck. That is indicative of the driver rolling a right on red at a fairly high rate of speed. IOW the only reason he didn’t hit a pedestrian is the cyclists were there first.

Another school bus/bicycle wreck, this time in IN. Bicyclist killed by school bus at Northside intersection The description is a perfect left cross wreck, driver turning from east bound to north hits a cyclist going west through the intersection without turning. Intersection protocols to avoid or reduce injury, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A NE child rider is injured running a stop sign, maybe. Boy critically injured in car-bike accident The Street View of the scene shows a restricted view to the right at the stop sign, and a 3 lane highway with a 35 MPH limit that I’m sure is honored more in the breach than in reality for the cyclist to cross. Anyway, intersection protocols to avoid or reduce injury, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. And be careful crossing highways in the middle of residential areas.

Another link to the laughable sentence for killing a cyclist while DUI in CA. Woman gets 3 years, 8 months for death of cyclist in Boyle Heights And she got to keep her car and driver’s license…TANJ!

Double Ted today. Morning Links: BOLO alert for Brentwood hit-and-run driver Yep, be looking for a car that was likely repaired our of state several weeks ago and driven back under wraps. I’m with Ted on this one.

Second Ted is a bit of bicycle history direct from a SoCal park. Born in West LA — LABAC member traces the beginnings of BMX to a Westside park

And another link to Houston driver unable to pass a bicycle with a flag showing what a safe distance is under the law. Houston cyclist uses 3-foot pole to keep drivers in their lane Oh look, the concern trolls come out for the party…

And those were all the links that gave me fits and giggles.

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