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This has been a very bad allergy season, and the Feed

This has been a very bad Spring for me so far. Very bad as in wanting to cut things off if it would just stop the suffering. I’m sure I wouldn’t look all that bad without a nose. But seriously, I’m having headaches, occasional whiteouts as my eyes get so gooped up I can’t see out of them, long sneezing fits that prevent any actual useful activity, and the only meds I can take cause me to practically enter a coma when I get enough in me to be useful. I need to be building that extended stem so I stop banging my knees on Francis/es’ handlebars when I ride, not lying on my bed moaning in pain from clogged sinuses. The One Good Thing about this is I don’t ride the bike when I’m like this because I can barely get out of bed, much less ride a bike. So I don’t keep re-injuring my bleeding backside to make it bleed more.

Up first another cyclist is killed in San Antonio. Police searching for driver who hit, killed cyclist Hit from behind in the bike lane with a light makes this a rider who went beyond minimums. Get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. And as part of that require vehicles used in an injury hit-and-run to be confiscated and recycled, and if the victim dies require the driver be along for the ride when the vehicle is run through the shredder.

Not figuring this one out, as a cyclist is left-crossed and then blamed for the wreck in FL. Bicyclist killed after colliding with vehicle in Stuart The narrative was pretty cut and dried, the cyclist was riding on the northbound side of the road headed north when the weapon vehicle turned in front of him, then somehow it became the cyclist’s fault for not stopping? Anywho, intersection wreck means that maybe the protocols might have avoided or reduced injuries, but getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would have prevented this wreck.

Another wreck where inappropriate blame may be placed on the cyclist. Cyclist injured in collision with car I looked at the Street View of the intersection and there was only one set of stop signs at the intersection, not a 4-way stop. If the cyclist was riding Easterly Parkway then the driver should have stopped and yielded to the cyclist. Given the wording of the narrative the driver did a “stop and go” without yielding to the cyclist on the through street either cutting the cyclist off or running right into him. What makes me think this is they didn’t say the cyclist ran the stop sign, he “failed to slow”, not “failed to stop”.

An IN rider gets hit from behind, blamed for the truck running off the road. Bicyclist seriously injured in Middlebury crash Seriously people, the truck went off the road and hit the cyclist from behind, what does anything the cyclist did or didn’t do change anything about that? Hit from behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. AND BLAME DRIVERS FOR RUNNING INTO THINGS ON THE ROAD IN FRONT OF THEM.

DC cyclist gets hit riding bikeshare. Cyclist Seriously Injured By Hit-And-Run Driver On H Street NE Nothing about mode or directions of travel so I can’t tell you what do to avoid it, and I’m not all that sure if anything short of grade separated infrastructure would prevent it. mandatory confiscation and recycling if vehicles used to commit hit-and-run would probably do a lot to stop hit-and-run.

A CA cyclist gets hurt by a careless driver. Cyclist seriously injured by hit-and-run driver in Mission Hills If this narrative is accurate the driver deliberately rammed the cyclist crossing with the light by running a red light. Seriously there’s no way for any human cyclist to avoid something like this, and as the driver ignored a traffic control by jumping the red light the only infrastructure that would prevent a similar wreck would have to be grade-separated. More BOLO for Mission Hills hit-and-run driver who seriously injured bike rider

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: A brief visit to the Santa Monica Bike Expo, and bicycling loses a good friend over the weekend

Deadly wreck in Oz. Cyclist, 61, dies after Barolin St crash Hit-from-behind as the cyclist is hit with the trailer on the back of the weapon vehicle. Protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Infrastructure news from the Great White North shows they understand traffic safety about as well as NYPD does. Montreal police statistics show more cyclists being injured, ticketed Makes perfect sense, victims more than 2/3 not at fault in wrecks? Crack down on the victims!

More on the moron in Oz who wants to make cyclists get licenses. NSW roads minister says cyclists should be licensed and banned from some roads – for their own safety

Lifestyle in IN. Ballard joins memorial ride for fallen cyclist

Last link can we count the number of factual errors in this article co-written by AAA? As cyclists enjoy spring weather, AAA adds note of caution for bikers and drivers

And that’s all the links that gave me fits and giggles today.

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