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Trying to not be blinded by allergies, and the Feed

I’m still fighting with plants having sex in my sinuses, and today I also had to get a court date and visit the chiropractor. Starting with the first clause, I have been sneezing and sniffing and temporarily losing my vision to allergy whiteout all day long. The whiteouts seem to be hydration linked, if I have a lot to drink I can see and if I’m badly in need of a drink I can see, but when I just kinda sorta need a drink I can’t see. So, I need to stay really well hydrated so I can see, plus stay ahead of my medication curve so I don’t get sneezy and sniffly. The court date is about the tree branch that broke off back in the ice storm that we couldn’t see from under the tree or until we went to the other side of the street. Even knowing where to look the broken branch is not visible on-property. Now had the codes guy included the picture of the branch with the warning letters we could have gotten it taken care of, but since he included a bunch of non-pertinent information in the warnings (basically the entire ordinance with no emphasis on the violation, the ordinance also refers to trash and other “nuisances”) we spent all our warning time chasing after the wrong violation constantly policing the fence lines for blown trash since that was the only thing we could see from the ordinance. I had to skip lunch to get that done and then hit the neck cracker. The good news from the chiropractor is the injury to my left shoulder is pretty much healed, the bad news is because I didn’t keep moving the arm through its normal range of motions it is now painful to move it in some directions. This can be fixed, but it will hurt. I can do pain for a good reason so this is beatable.

Up first is a young cyclist killed by another drunk driver. Eight-year-old cyclist hit, killed in southeast Houston Since the child was crossing the street in an appropriate location and time I would say there was no way for a cyclist to avoid the wreck, and little chance that even Dutch-quality infrastructure would have prevented it as the residential location would be shared space there. The only thing that would prevent this wreck is somehow keeping drunks from driving…

Cyclist not riding in the street gets hit in Upstate NY. Pickup hits bicycle in town of Ulster; rider taken to hospital Someone help me on this one because I don’t know the answer: Are drivers required to yield to sidewalk traffic before crossing the sidewalk in NYS? Either way sidewalks make poor bicycle infrastructure, because drivers don’t look for bicycles there. I mean they don’t look for cyclists pretty much all the time, but on the sidewalks especially. As I constantly say sidewalk riders point to glaring deficiencies in infrastructure, so get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Another one killed in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Bicyclist killed in South Fort Myers crash This was a very difficult narrative to figure out with phrases like “killedy injured” thrown into the works, but if I’m parsing this correctly the cyclist ran a red from the right turn lane (where FL “bike lanes” die) and if I have the correct image there is no way to trigger a green from this lane. So bad infrastructure and bad SA from the cyclist and you wind up with a smashed car and a dead cyclist.

Out in CA a cyclist leaves his bike on the platform and walks in front of a train? Update: Man hit by light rail train in Rancho Cordova dies This is another one that nobody seems to understand what happened. Why did the man leave his bike, why did he walk in front of a train? Who was he talking to, voices in his head or someone on a cell phone? Just way too many questions about this one.

Another link to a CA hit-and-run or attempted murder. Cyclist Injured in Mission Hills Hit-and-Run This is the same wreck that the driver hit the gas after seeing the bicycle in the street. When they catch the guy I hope he “falls down” a few flights of stairs, even if that means they have to detour past a football stadium to find some stairs.

Legal Infrastructure! news from CA. Cyclist Who Lost Leg In Crash Inspires Hit-And-Run Bill I noticed the distance the cyclist was dragged has gotten much longer than it was a couple of months ago, from 600 feet to a half mile.

Infrastructure news from PA. Bicycle and pedestrian study open houses scheduled for Midstate Interesting comments, by which I mean totally self-centered and bitchy comments.

Our Daily Ted has interesting links. Morning Links: Petition urges tougher hit-and-run penalties; an LA cyclist says you’re not above the law, either Lots of good stuff there, Ted.

Lifestyle stuff from the Twin Cities. Bike Week Focuses on Rider Safety in Mpls., Crash Statistics Released

Lifestyle stuff from the Great White North. Vigil on St-Denis in honour of dead cyclist

A dogged good Samaritan finds the injured cyclist so he can return the bike that was removed for safe keeping after a wreck. Expensive bike returned to injured Surrey Hills cyclis

Last link, have you ever seen a bike securely chained and locked to a bike rack but missing several key components? Eight Solutions to Fight Bicycle Part Theft

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today.

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