I can see and breathe without medication today, and the Feed

Well for at least a few hours I get to be free of allergy meds and their side effects while the pollen count is below critical levels. I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

Up first is a report on a hit-and-run out there in west Texas (as opposed to West, TX). Odessa Bicyclist Injured in Hit and Run Asking Drivers To Share The Road Buzz job that the cyclist saw coming and could not get out of the way. That moots the hit-from-behind protocols somewhat, but from the cyclist’s description of the wreck he was able to get a little ways over so it wasn’t a direct hit. Get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. Also make “buzz jobs” assault with a deadly weapon rather than an “oopsie” when the cyclist survives, and Capital Murder if a cyclist gets killed.

A bit (quite a bit actually) north of the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, another wreck where the damage to the bike and car don’t match the narrative of the wreck. Tulsa Police Identify Bicycle Rider Killed In Crash On Riverside Drive The story still doesn’t add up. As one commenter noted why ride in the grass when there is a hard shoulder, and the damage to the bike and car don’t match the narrative of the wreck. The story reported the cyclist was riding across the road from the grass on the other side of the shoulder, but the damage to the bike is in a straight line from the back of the bike and the impact site on the car is almost off the right side of the front end and straight back to the windshield. So, another SWSS wreck with LEO accepting the driver’s explanation as gospel.

Moving on to the once-again champion cyclist and pedestrian killer in the US, a truck drives off the road in FL to kill a cyclist on an adjacent bike path. Cyclist killed in collision with truck LEO “suspect” a medical emergency? I mean seriously, the guy drove off the road and hit a cyclist on an adjacent but separated bike path and then drove on the bike path and in the ditch for several miles before hitting something else? If that wasn’t a medical emergency than the driver was on something or dead drunk. And as hard as I looked on Google Maps and Street View I could not find a “bike path” near US 1, just a narrow shoulder beside the road.

I really should be reading GGW more often, but there were some good ones yesterday. Breakfast links: Victims of the road I think I had all those links here yesterday, but it’s good to have backup.

A NH wreck injured a teen cyclist. Suspect ID’d in hit-run that injured teen cyclist The driver knocked the cyclist off the bike and then dragged the bike down the street, stopping to pull the bike from under the car and throw it over a fence. In the process he also blew both front tires. Since they already have this guy they really need to just hang on to him for a few more years and recycle that car into bicycle frames. Apparently the weapon vehicle hit the cyclist from behind after making a turn when the cyclist had just cleared the intersection so no reaction time on the part of the cyclist. Get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent, and confiscate and recycle any vehicle used to commit hit-and-run.

An IA child is literally run over. Storm Lake teens injured after being hit by van Not that I don’t believe this could happen the way the narrative goes, but the fact that the victim went under the driver’s side wheels seems at odds with the narrative. And INFRASTRUCTURE to prevent.

A cyclist is hit in one of Looney Toons’ favorite cities, Walla Walla WA. Young cyclist injured in collision with car Again the police report had a high level of Windshield Bias as the cyclist “darted” into the street from the sidewalk. Absent the young age of the victim I would take this report with a grain of salt about as big as the weapon vehicle, but I can envision a 14 YO suddenly deciding he needed to be on the other side of the street and not looking for other traffic. looking before entering the street to avoid, and getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Two links to a wreck previously covered from the Great White North. Cyclist killed in crash with car and Cyclist killed in crash at dangerous intersection near Brentwood Town Centre Nothing has changed from yesterday, just more links.

More Ted from BikingInLA. Morning Links: LA Weekly supports distracted driving; drunk driver kills bike riding reformed drunk driver The reformed drunk driver killed by an underage drunk driver is just too sad.

Lifestyle from AL. Candlelight vigil honors teen killed on bicycle, known for his big smile and being ‘squirrely sometimes’

Lifestyle from Oz. Memorial service for cyclist killed in tragic hit-and-run

Infrastructure! news from the US. The rise of biking and protected bike lanes in the United States (video)

And infrastructure (stupid infrastructure) news from NY. Hoylman: Hit-run cyclists should be treated like drivers

Last link is to the fastest EV in the world over a quarter-mile. 2,000-Horsepower Electric Dragster Sets New Drag Record: Video The tire noise absent engine noise is just eerie. Also I should point out the driver has been building and driving top-level dragsters since just about the invention of the sport and only recently has ventured into EV racing, this being the 37th dragster he has built (Swamp Rat 37). He was match-racing EV dragsters with Darrell Gwynn (sp?) a few years ago using drivetrains from Junior Dragsters EV class.

And those were all the links that gave me fits and giggles (that last one gave me both!) today.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


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