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Electrical problems appear to be fixed for the moment, and the Feed

After the city ripped out our old power feed and installed a temp new one all the previous problems have vanished that we can run function tests on. No word on what happened to cause us to lose half our electricity, but apparently everything that has been going wrong electrically in the house for the past several years has been the slow degradation of whatever failed. So maybe we will see some lower electric bills now that that power thief has been run off? One can hope.

Also today was Bike to Work Day here in the Metromess and I helped run one of the Energizer Stations at Garland Station. We handed out granola bars, protein bars, blue Gatorade, bananas, and breakfast tacos in the food department and a ton of swag in the swag department. I narrowly escaped being saddled with a metric buttload of water bottles and posters as I finished my shift because turnout was light this year in Garland. Some of the other stations were mobbed and had to shut down early, but most of the food we handed out went to homeless people at our station. I think we saw maybe three bikes all morning. I see more than that on just a regular day.

Up first is more information about the CO “guilty” plea, Fort Collins woman could avoid prison for hit-and-run crash that killed cyclist and Meyers: Plea deal in hit-and-run sends wrong message

Also with slightly more information is this link to the NYC fatal hit-and-run involving a “party bus”. Cyclist killed in hit and run on Rockaway Blvd.

A drunk cyclist in the 49th state gets extremely lucky. Bicyclist injured in collision with car near Fort Wainwright All of the other transgressions against safety can be laid at the feet of the decision to get drunk and ride the bike, the riding salmon, the riding against the red light, and the failure to yield, but the same drunkeness may have also saved the cyclist by allowing him to not tense up when he was hit. If the article is still reading the same as it does right now there is a good chance the cyclist may be paralyzed from the impact with his tailbone, which is the terminus of the human spine. That is one of those things that may clear up on its own after allowing the injured area a chance to recover.

A wreck in the UK starts its public investigation. Inquest into cyclist David Irving’s death on Mountbatten Way in Southampton Another case where the driver charged blindly into a space in which he could not see and hit the cyclist occupying that space. Hit-from-behind protocols to minimise damages, and as reported in the comments section the cyclist was riding the highway because the bicycle infrastructure had been allowed to deteriorate into an unrideable condition, so getting and keeping the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A little information on this UK wreck. Lorry driver in court charged with causing the death of Darlington cyclist and father-of-three

A wreck in Oz that has almost no useful information attached to it. Cyclist dies in bus crash in Mt Lawley The narrative is what appears to be an extremely preliminary report from prior to the completion of the investigation, so because this is Oz, be prepared to bail left out of the way.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Bike Week wraps up at Downtown’s Union Station, and Phinney kicks ass at the AToC The one thing I’m sad about is Ted’s health issues are interfering with his ability to cover the news in person. Other than that it’s a great post.

Infrastructure! news from the US. PROTECTED BIKE LANES NEXT TO CARS MAKE DRIVERS REALIZE THEY COULD RIDE For every driver that sees an empty bike lane, why aren’t you riding in it? If you were riding a bike you would be moving instead of parked in traffic burning gas, and other traffic could move faster.

Someone lets their tiny dog run ahead on a long leash and then complains because a cyclist hit it and now everything has to change? Because of one irresponsible dog owner? Calls for change at Discovery Park after dog killed by speeding cyclist

The kind of infrastructure news that makes UK headlines. Porthmadog: Two more cyclists injured on Britannia bridge

Infrastructure news from Oz. Cyclist safety still ‘critical’ despite sweeping reforms

We know how a bike changes lives, apparently e-bikes do the same but with less sweat. Discovering New Access, Perspective, and Freedom with an Electric Bike

And another link to some outstanding instrumental artistry. 2CELLOS – Smooth Criminal [OFFICIAL VIDEO] The video is very silly, but the music… ahh the music!

And those were all the links that gave me fits and/or giggles today.

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