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Love/hate relationship with Spring? I can relate on a Wreck-Free Sunday

I would have started this post sooner except for the body basically getting shut down by a combination of allergies and allergy meds. I hate being lethargic when I am not choosing to be lethargic, then it’s just a waste of time. When I choose to be lethargic it’s because I want to take a little down time and recharge the psychic batteries, when lethargy is forced upon me by my body I’m still just as drained after as before, usually more drained. ‘Tain’t fun!

I really need to get that extended stem finished so it doesn’t hurt to ride my bike. I don’t know if my butt is getting tougher or I’m just figuring out how to put the less-vulnerable spots against the seat but the last few rides were completed without blood in my underwear. That’s good because do you know how hard it is to get dried blood out of cotton underwear?

My original Warlock character in D&D has been getting rather powerful lately since reaching 8th level and getting an invocation that allows him to fly at the same speed he can run, that gets added to being able to climb sheer walls, seeing invisible things and in the dark, and making people sick at will (instead of just by showing up in a room 😉 ) And now he’s involved in running an inter-planetary trade group on a spell-jammer ship. All we are waiting for now is getting a high enough level to start making magic items and finding a wife. To give you an idea of how big the ship he’s on now is, there is a small town on it with 9 inns and numerous shops and commercial establishments built into the ship and billeting space for 2 companies of Marines under the buildings. The combat abilities of my character are becoming less and less an issue as most of the RP is now running the ship(s), running the town, and conducting trade missions. My character is especially busy on one planet because the only race on it is human, and they refuse to deal with any other races on board. In fact there are several crew members that cause panic flight and outright terror when seen by the inhabitants of this planet. Add to the misery is that all the magic users are useless on this planet because of a planet-wide magic sink that drains all magical items and people. Naturally Sparrow likes this because it reminds him of what it felt like before his Warlock powers kicked in. Anyway, there are only 2 party members that are human and 2 more that can pass as human from a distance which means that Sparrow gets to spend lots of time on-planet talking trade with the locals, sort of. The locals have a variety of different languages but none of them are remotely like Common or any of the racial languages that Sparrow knows and any spells he might use to understand languages are negated by the magic sink that takes effect on atmospheric entry roughly 100 km above the planet. So one of the first steps was finding a local and showing him several gold coins to get him to come up to the main ship using one of the small fighting craft we have on the bigger ship that can get down to the surface and back up before the magic sink drains the spells it runs on. There on the ship we were able to cast spells that allowed free communication with the local who was somewhat of a bumpkin but knew where he could find someone who could help us. As part of the trade mission we managed to get language instruction aboard ship so that the crew could negotiate in one local language at least in case something happens to our local agent. Because of the magic sink on the planet we can’t use any translation spells, and using translation spells on the teachers would not work either. So we have to start learning languages the hard way… In D&D magic has mostly made technology useless but without magic to use against technology our weapons are mostly outdated late Middle Ages technology. Deadly still but pretty much worthless against modern weapons.

What it comes down to is that Sparrow is no longer strictly an adventurer but a businessman, dealing in rare trade goods in interplanetary commerce. There is still some adventure to be found for sure, but it is less and less likely to happen. We went through an entire game session this week rolling bluff, diplomacy, and sense motive checks without ever having to roll initiatives. Sparrow will make lots of money, and we all know that having lots of money is the secret to finding potential mates easily in any society, but this is not what motivates Sparrow. He wants to help people and create balance. While having a business is potentially good, creating jobs and all that, this is not what an adventurer does. The job description is encapsulated in the job title, adventurers go on adventures and there is precious little “adventure” in making runs to a backwater planet and exchanging gold for goods even if every trip planetside could potentially strand you forever. That’s not “adventure”, that’s just another show for Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) to star in.

I missed the Sprint All-Star races this weekend completely, as a matter of fact I don’t think I changed from the Weather Channel all weekend when the tube was on. When you have an interesting D&D game going on outside entertainment is not required, and the DM for this weekend’s game was pretty good at world-building and creating a plot to follow. Basically we gave him characters and he sets up scenarios that we flesh out with random bits caused by the way the dice roll. This DM has been real good at his craft.

I leave you with this classic rock album to mellow out to. Robin Trower: Bridge Of Sighs

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