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Remembering our fallen military on Memorial Day, and the Feed

Today is the day we remember our fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who have fought that we could be free, not a corporate-controlled oligarchy. Honor their sacrifices by voting against the corporate candidates in every election you are allowed to vote in.

On those lines, here is a way to support those whose sacrifices do not extend to the ultimate, yet. Injured Veterans to Bicycle 350 Miles from Arlington to Virginia Beach, Va., for the 2014 UnitedHealthcare Ride 2 Recovery Memorial Challenge If you are close enough to the route to see or ride along for a bit, this is a WoaB endorsed event.

The Big Story is the cyclist right-hooked in AR last week. Bike rider critically injured and Authorities release name of man killed when bicycle collides with semi in Russellville also Russellville cyclist killed in accident with semi-truck Whoops! That first link was to a different wreck a few miles away in a different town to a guy of the same age as the victim of the wreck last week. There isn’t enough information from the first link to say what to do to avoid it, the other links the rider was riding slowly on the sidewalk and likely was getting passed by the truck when he entered the crosswalk so he had no chance of seeing any signals the truck drover may or may not have been using and because the truck did not have guards keeping the cyclist out of the wheels (and none of the articles have definitively said if the cyclist went into the tractor or trailer wheels, just “rear” wheels). So this probably was not a wreck that a cyclist of this fitness and experience could have avoided or done anything to reduce the damages, and only segregated infrastructure that keeps cyclists away from semi truck/trailer combinations would have prevented it.

A salmon cyclist is killed in SC. Charleston County coroner identifies bicyclist killed in Folly Road wreck early Sunday morning OK don’t ride salmon because then you get blamed for what would have been a hit-from-behind wreck. And I’m pretty sure that’s what happened here. Middle of the block wreck, and I’m pretty sure the driver “didn’t see” the cyclist until impact. Or the cyclist may have been riding with traffic and the bike was so badly destroyed in the impact that LEO were not sure which way he was going when he was hit and just made up stuff to blame the cyclist. Anyway don’t ride salmon and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

The driver that killed a cyclist in N’awlins is getting treated as he deserved. Man indicted in death of cyclist in N.O. East This was the driver that ran 2 cyclists over on a 4 lane road with a clear lane to the left and no oncoming traffic except another cyclist in the outside lane on the other side of the road, IOW the driver had 3 lanes to choose from of which only the one he was in had any cyclists. Now he’s going to go to prison…

Updates on the cyclist killed last week in the Great White North. Cyclist killed in Dartmouth was vibrant and funny, says twin sister and Cyclist killed in Edmonton was caring mom, family says We have already covered the wreck, now let’s remember the victim…

Our daily Ted… Morning Links: Remember what Memorial Day is all about, Calendar update, and 2 new National Champs

Pictures. Look! Save A Life / Arizona

And a fitting picture to share on this Memorial Day. Photos from Leslie Connally’s post in DFW Cargo Bike Community

Now go have a hot dog or hamburger and remember those who have given their lives to protect your freedoms, and do what you can to protect those freedoms at home.

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