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Grocery Day is delayed a day, and the Feed

Even though we have Francis/es to haul groceries from the store, bought specifically for that purpose, Mrs. the Poet insists on waiting until our son can get off work to haul the groceries home from the store before she agrees to go shopping. I think what it really is is that Mrs. the Poet wants our son to haul her home from the store because she’s tired of walking (and she won’t ride any of the bikes I have built for her over the years). So tonight’s dinner is “Pantry Surprise”, or whatever edible we can cobble up that resembles dinner. I know there is at least one can of Spam left in there…

The Feed today so far has lots of links to cyclists who were collateral damage to terrorist attacks on other groups or on buildings near roads. Since avoiding those is mainly a matter of chance (not being next to the building when the bomb goes off) I don’t have many links to actual things that are traffic problems that involve cyclists and that changing behavior or the physical and legal infrastructure can prevent.

First link is another dead cyclist from Ted Rogers. 54-year old bike rider killed in Ramona collision and another link Ramona crash leaves bicyclist dead I think it’s appropriate to say here that Mr. Rogers is not happy, and neither am I. I don’t know exactly what happened but the cyclist was coming out of a driveway and got smacked big time by the minivan. I’m not getting any luck pulling up a Street View of the area so I can’t say if there was anything obstructing the cyclist’s view of the road or why he went directly in front of a moving vehicle like that. Anyway, intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and I’m not sure if changing the infrastructure would help as I don’t know what kind of area this was, commercial or residential or something else completely.

A MN cyclist was hit “crossing” a road. Bicyclist struck by car south of Winona Cyclist removed from scene by ambulance, leaving the driver to explain things to the police. And trying to find the intersection on Google Maps was futile as Gilmore Valley Road changes name miles before the intersection with MN 43, but assuming the intersection of Gilmore Ridge and MN 43 was the site of the wreck I saw clear visibility (unless there was a stand of Johnson Grass that was not in the Street View). The road the cyclist must have been on if I found the right intersection ends at MN 43 and another, unpaved road continues on the other side of the intersection. Given the high speed limit on MN 43 and the nature of the cyclist’s injuries the weapon vehicle must have either been preparing to make a turn, or just brushed the cyclist. Anyway, intersection wreck, protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Update to a MI wreck. Bicycle rider dies from injuries suffered two weeks ago As one person pointed out in the comments to this article, had the cyclist been in the lane instead of the sidewalk this may have been a different wreck with less fatal outcomes.

Infrastructure! news from NYC. NYPD: 1,141 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, 11 Killed in Traffic in March The Good News for this blog is that no cyclists were killed in NYC that month, bad news is that 11 pedestrians were killed and a total of 1141 cyclists and pedestrians were injured enough to require transport by ambulance.

Infrastructure news from Chuck SC. Update: 10 tickets written for distracted driving Not very encouraging words to those of us on the roads without thousands of pounds of armor around us…

Lifestyle from the eastern part of the Great White North. Cyclists ride for Johanna Dean, who was killed on bike

Still hoping for more links to come in later and afraid they will.

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