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Time to mow the lawn again, and the Feed

Back a couple of weeks ago when I was sitting around the house half-blind from allergies Mrs. the Poet paid an enterprising young man $20 to mow the front yard, and now that I have recovered from the pollen bukkake (sort of) I really need to go do it again. So after the blog post gets done I’m outside in long pants and a long-sleeved shirt pushing the lawn mower. I really hope I can find my lawn-mowing gloves as the vibration from the engine will cause my fingers to get numb and useless by the time I’m done with the lawn without them. They used to be bike gloves with a vibration absorbing pad until they got too ratty to wear on the bike, now they just get used when I mow the lawn. But someone didn’t like where I had them kept (where I could find them) and I haven’t been able to find them for a while. That’s why the blog post has to be done first so that I don’t have to worry about being able to use the keyboard or to use the double finger tap “right-click” on this computer.

A CA cyclist is the victim in another hit-and-run. Search on for driver in hit-and-run crash with cyclist Intersection wreck and they aren’t blaming the cyclist for running a red light or any other violations, so maybe protocols would help maybe not. Get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. Part of that infrastructure is laws that make leaving the scene of an injury wreck similar in consequence to assault with a deadly weapon if they can’t use that statute for some reason.

Still in CA we get 4 cyclists injured in a single collision. Four AIDS/LifeCycle bicyclists injured in Highway 1 collision No mention of mode of wreck or location. But the fact that whoever it was hit 4 cyclists says a lot, like possible assault with a deadly weapon charges against the driver.

More on the NYC cyclist hit by a cab. Photos: Cyclist Hit By Cab Driver In Hell’s Kitchen I still think the cyclist was hit by the cab because the driver was watching the traffic light and not the street in front of him.

Update on the cyclist injured in a terror attack aimed at cyclists. Prank Injures Brooklyn Cyclist, Reminds Bikers to Know Legal Rights One more time, this was not a “prank”, this was a potentially fatal booby trap set deliberately to injure or kill a cyclist.

More from NYC as a meter maid gets her panties in a wad. Traffic Cop Blocks Bike Lane, Warns Cyclist: “Get The F*ck Out Of My Way” And yes I can see the Traffic Enforcement person is male, the sentence still stands. There was an open parking spot right where the meter maid was blocking the bike lane.

Things get nasty and scary in far West Canuckistan. At least three cyclists hit over five-day span in South Okanagan Hmm, one might think there was some kind of clandestine pogrom against cyclists…And LEO are no help when a blatant right hook takes out a cyclist and the cyclist gets blamed for not knowing the vehicle passing him had a trailer and he should stop before hitting the trailer. No the driver should have made a safe pass and completed the pass before making the turn, or should have waited until the cyclist cleared the lane before trying to turn. Intersection protocols to avoid, and INFRASTRUCTURE! to prevent.

South Africa is no stranger to cyclist deaths by motor vehicle violence. Hopetown man killed in hit and run Another hit-from-behind wreck possibly deliberate. Protocols to avoid if possible, and infrastructure to prevent.

Our daily Ted. Morning Links: Better Biking on SM Blvd, an East Coast view of West Coast bike paths, and busted for bike sex And for the record, none of my bikes had a personality that would make me want to have sex with one. I mean EEEWWW!

Infrastructure! news from the town next to the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. City of Richardson Bike Parking Initiative Bicycle infrastructure isn’t just about the journey, once you get there you need to be able to do something without dragging the bike with you everywhere you go.

More infrastructure from NC. Road Worrier: Sharrows send a wordless message to cyclists and drivers Sharrows, the abstinence-only sex ed of bicycle infrastructure. Doing something even if it is all a waste of time and money.

This one is a cross between LifeStyle and an update to the wreck, but because it doesn’t contribute anything to the conversation of preventing bike wrecks it goes down here with the lifestyle stuff. Suai Xie, Cyclist Killed in Bridgeport Hit-and-Run, Was Dedicated Caretaker A good person was lost, and I’m sad to hear of her passing. She died One of Us, and she shall always be One of Us.

More than one way of carrying calories on a long ride, you could get a little extra “oomph” from a battery. Little Lady Goes on a Big Ride If you have 20 miles of battery power then you should be able to go 20 miles farther than you would otherwise, making a day where you would be burnt toast at 80 miles doable at 100. My experiments with electrical assist confirm this.

Last link is something that came up at random as I was watching bike videos from a news feed item. Save The Badger (Remix) – MrWeebl Yes, the remaining members of Queen did contribute to making the music on this video.

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today. I hope you got giggles from the same links that gave me giggles.

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