Just a tiny bandwidth to work with, so no Feed today.

I’m sitting next to Mrs. the Poet blogging on a moving bus. I have done this before, but this time there are so many other people using laptops and tablets on board that there is almost no bandwidth available. In fact the compose page for creating this blog post took forever to load and I keep losing connection when the system tries to autosave my progress. the wi-fi in the terminals is even worse if you can believe that. Of the two stations I have tried to log on at, one would not let me connect and he other the sign-up page timed out…

Getting ready to go had some amusing moments. I had to go to the local haircutting establishment because I was very shaggy and while I was getting my hair cut the stylist asked if I was busy that evening, which sounded a bit like she was asking for a date. When I told her I was preparing to take a trip to NY she got very interested. We conversed some including some on the changing terminology of haircutting (what we used to call a “high and tight” is now a “military taper” for instance, and what used to be “military taper” is now a “low taper”) then when we got done with my hair I went to pay and it happened again, I got another unsolicited senior discount. Apparently she likes older men?

The trip so far has been a struggle to get sleep against an army of crying babies. The babies were winning for a while but exhaustion has a way of overcoming that after a while. Eventually you will get some sleep, no matter what.

We had a pleasant surprise in Nashville. First when we asked for condiments for our packaged sandwiches instead of little packets we were given single-serving Serv-a-paks of mustard and mayo. Second pleasant surprise was those packaged sandwiches were pretty good and tasty. We were hoping for edible, tasty was beyond our expectations.

The AC on this trip has been interesting so far. The big thing has been too much AC either overall or on particular body parts. Right now, for instance, everything is fine except my right knee, which is in the direct blast from the AC vent for this row of seats and is turning blue…

And it turns out I do have enough bandwidth for a couple of links today. for instance, did you know that when you have more bicycles on the roads you get fewer car wrecks? More bicyclists on road means fewer collisions, study shows Gee, whodathunkit? more bikes = fewer car wrecks, specifically wrecks with bicycles, but fewer wrecks overall as well. 5 guess it turns out that when you have a finite number of vehicle operators and you swap out light armored vehicles for vehicles that totally expose the operator to all impacts those operators start having fewer impacts.

And now there is a new kind of warning device that falls between the traditional bell and the new standard of alerting drivers the air horn. Ring MyBell The programmable light and sound show can be customized to your environment to alert pedestrians and drivers alike.

OK it’s getting dark now, so I guess this is a good stopping point for this Live Blog of A Boring Bus Trip.

PSA, Opus


2 responses to “Just a tiny bandwidth to work with, so no Feed today.

  1. If ALL motorists exclusively rode bikes, there would be no car wrecks at all!


    • Opus the Poet

      Right, taken to the extreme. If the only motor vehicles were delivery trucks, all truck drivers would be pedestrians and cyclists outside their trucks, and instead of “in the way” we would be “people” that the drivers could relate to…


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