Finally have Internet access

I still haven’t been able to find wi-fi where I’m staying here in NY, but I managed to find a network cable and get wired access. I only had about 1K new emails waiting in various inboxes…

Can’t post more I still have about 500 unread e-mails left to go and I’ll have to let the owner back on the Internet again soon…

PSA, Opus


2 responses to “Finally have Internet access

  1. aviationmetalsmith

    Hi,I’ve been subscribing to this (your) blog for a couple of weeks now. I happen to live on Long Island, so I’m curious , where are you staying *in* New York? I remember way back when you and I would blog together on “BikeForums dot net”, or something like that. I was wondering where you went, then someone re-posted a link (on Facebook), that led to your blog, and I clicked and became your 301st subscriber. Good luck with your endeavor, Jim Donohue a.k.a. “AviationMetalSmith” cell: (516) 342-0826

    Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2014 00:59:26 +0000 To:


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