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Crazy thoughts on a Wreck-Free Sunday

Yesterday was interesting, what with the confusion about if RPG night was go or not, my kids taking us out to dinner for my B-Day, hanging with the grandkid and discovering something that made him laugh, and having all kinds of fun with my Beyond the Supernatural character at the RPG session.

We went back to that restaurant in Frisco again, where I had a burger this time with a huge plate of fries. This was another one of those half-pound burgers that make me have to eat practically Vegan the rest of the week, but it was sooo worth it. The meat had an interesting spice mix, pungent without excess and a good blend with the cheese on it. I still haven’t had my dessert, a Reese’s Brownie.

The grandkid was in rare form as he had a great nap on the way over to the house and was in a good mood the whole time. I found a funny voice/phrase combination that left him entertained all evening long, a voice based on the “sad panda” from South Park, and the phrase was “yay, flag”. Don’t ask me why that was so funny, but every time I used both together it resulted in giggles. As a Grandpa I count that as a win. Then during dinner he started putting his left hand up against his temple and pointing at Mrs. the Poet with it and grinning, which nobody could figure out.

Getting to the RPG session was a bit of a struggle because of all the construction around the house where we meet. We had to detour twice because of closed streets in just under a mile. I should have taken that as an omen, because we got very little actual role-playing done. One of the players in our group runs a group home, and they were evicted with no warning from their previous location, as in told Friday they had to be out by Saturday. Since so many of the clients of the group home don’t deal well with change and that was one of the things that got them sent to the group home, getting the bunch of them dumped into the house where we play our RPG did not go well. It would not have gone well even if we hadn’t been there, but throw our particular brand of crazy in on top of theirs and let’s just say Eris would have been in Hog Heaven.

The game, as much of it as we got to play, was pretty good. My character was rapelled into a jungle camp where the other party members had found a dimensional anomaly, like my Dimension Door spell but a semi-permanent feature of the landscape. Inside we found an Unholy Cathedral made of bones with skulls possessed by some kind of evil entities forming columns, and ribs and femurs making walls and floors. Deeper inside we found a human who was possessed, again, only this time with hundreds of spirits, and hanging from the junction between the wall and the domed ceiling, with his breastbone removed and his ribs opened up like a butterflied shrimp, with his chest organs hanging down in front of his body. From his chest ran a stream of blood that went into a pool of blood after flowing over some kind of altar. Yeah, uber-creepy. One of the party members had a small flask of Holy Water that he sprinkled on parts of the cathedral and blood room which caused the parts that were sprinkled to collapse, and the blood from the blood pool to turn black and then clear for a minute before turning back into blood. This gave us an idea of how to destroy the Bone Cathedral and close the dimensional anomaly without possibly trapping us inside the dimension where it existed. We had the local priests create two 55 gallon drums of Holy Water to which we added small charges on the bottoms of the drums to spread the substance evenly around a room. That room in mind was the blood pool room of the Bone Cathedral. We had just set the drums inside the room with the timers set on the charges when the people who opened the anomaly started showing up and we started combat, when another disruption from the other residents of the house shut down the game, as one person was doing his bills and discovered a money order missing. This effectively put an end to the game session as we had to search for the money order and no combat was done aside from the initial “softening up” of the “forces of evil” that were trying to use the portal to take over the world for their masters from another dimension. I said “forces of evil” because hey, they were from a different dimension and they were trying to take over our world. By my books, that makes them “evil”.

And today I watched the Sprint Cup race from Dover. That driver who looks like my brother won, Matt Kenseth and Denny Hamlin made it through to the next round along with what’s his name that looks like my brother, Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano who all won races in this round.

And it’s getting close to time to go to bed so I’m wrapping this up now. I really wanted to share some more about measuring the T-bucket body for the frame and all the fun stuff I have been doing with it, but I’m spending more time yawning than typing so I will relate that adventure at a later date.

PSA, Opus the unkillable badass Poet