This has been nice

I haven’t opened the Feed folder since last week and things have been really nice because of that. Nice enough that I’m seriously thinking about changing the direction of this blog to something more Pagan oriented. More Witch, less Bicycle, or less “People getting hit by motor vehicles on bicycles” to be more precise, because I really want to start building more bicycles again. I don’t know what that will do to my subscribers which is one reason why I’m doing this post. What do you subscribers think about fewer wrecks and dismembered bodies in the blog and more “This is the New Bike I created last week” posts? Because I’m really liking not reading dozens of wreck reports every day. That kind of thing can really wear on a guy, and my IRL friends have been asking when I was planning on stopping and doing “something else”.

So, I’m asking: Status quo, with as many bike wrecks as I can fit in the post 5 days a week; or Lifestyle stories and bike builds as I find them or build them, with Pagan and Witchy stuff as appropriate for the season? The reason I mentioned the Pagan and Witchy stuff is we have a major Pagan Holiday coming up in less than 2 weeks, Halloween or Samhain as we Witches call it (pronounced SOW-when because the Romans transliterated Celtic words based on the shapes of the runes rather than the sounds they made). This is a contemplative time when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest and the recently departed can hear our calls if they have not yet moved on.

camp fire

My camera really needs an IR blocking filter to prevent these false colors, but isn’t that a pretty fire? That was what I was looking at last Saturday night.

Getting back on bicycles for the moment, Francis/es needs to have a much taller stem than currently fitted by about a foot, 11½” to be precise. I’m thinking that documenting that build would be a perfect article for the “New” WoaB, what say you? This would be a relatively simple build to document showing the raw stock, the existing donor stem before modifications, cutting the raw stock to fit the donor stem, welding the fitted raw stock to the donor stem, and then the lengthened bolt to the wedge nut, painting, then final assembly.

And since I have been sent links to this story several times I probably should include it somewhere. Cycling Activists Build Bamboo Car Skeletons to Demonstrate Space Taken by Single Occupancy Cars Motor vehicles dominate the urban landscape with more than just their speed and mass, there is also the sheer volume they take up on the streets.

OK I have to go try to mow some of the lawn now, so I will think about changing the direction of the blog while I do that.

PSA, Opus the unkillable badass Poet

2 responses to “This has been nice

  1. Whatever floats your boat. How many times can you say “they should get it ‘up to Dutch'”… Personally, I think a lot of the wrecks were the cyclists fault.

    Myself, I’ve been on Facebook so much of the darned time, I haven’t been using bike very much. I’ve been thinking of using Facebook less , and trying to post on more.


  2. Red Light Protest in the Netherlands


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