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OK now I’m pissed

Short post today while I’m not playing with my RPG group, which I bowed out from because I was supposed to work with the Wendy Davis campaign to GOTV, but the event was cancelled at the last minute without telling the workers. I don’t know why.

Something that is really chapping my butt is my daughter took out student loans that my father cosigned because my credit rating did not exist as I have been on the cash-only economy for almost 20 years now. Now that the people that took over Sallie Mae finally noticed that my dad is dead (we sent a death certificate right after dad died but that was to Sallie Mae…) they want their money NOW. Now as in they are filing collection actions against ME, who didn’t take out the loans or cosign any of them. But they are demanding that I pay the loans in full in 30 days any way…

And tonight is Death High Court held by the Arms of Verity at my church, a kind of Day of the Dead celebration, using one of the 6 archetypes revered by Verity. Those archetypes are Builder, Nurturer, Healer, Trickster, Death, and Destroyer. I’m still trying to decide if I’m going tonight, but my neck is telling me it isn’t very likely.

Speaking of my neck, I think it’s a good time to go ahead and end this post, because my neck is killing me…

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Happy Beg for Candy Day, and the Feed

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when the veil between worlds is thinnest and we try to appease the angry dead by giving candy to stranger’s children. I’m not real sure about the mechanics of that one, maybe the angry dead are really just older tweens, or disguised as older tweens, and giving them candy makes them mellow for another year. That’s what I get for trying to reconcile my theology with a modern popular holiday loosely derived from it.

Today was Mrs. the Poet’s last day of removing the flavor from the children’s food at work, and they were sad to see her go from the school. She did her entire 25 years of work at the same school, Forest Meadow Junior High School in the north part of Dallas that is inside Richardson ISD. I took a picture of what’s left of the cake after the party. I sent it to myself so I could post it but it hasn’t shown up yet…

Friendly gestures may help defuse deadly situations. Austin Cyclist is Making Waves I might try this when I can ride a bike again.

More on the contextless “spike” in US cyclist deaths. Bicyclist deaths spike on US roads If the US cyclist population was stagnant or declining this would be a major concern…more Does Cycling Culture Have a Drinking Problem?

Oh Emm Gee, Ebola nurse is riding a bicycle! Kaci Hickox defies Maine Ebola quarantine with morning bike ride Note that the nurse is a qualified public health administrator (in several countries) and does not have eny symptoms of Ebola and is therefore not contagious… And the quarantine was imposed illegally by NJ Gov. Christie and not a public health person as required by law.

NYPD is so vigilant about removing hazardous waste from a crime scene… Blood & Hair Still Stuck To Murray Hill Light Post Following Gruesome Car Crash The article goes on to state that not only blood and hair, but brains, fat, and skull debris from the victim’s head striking the pole, left out for days.

The widow of the first guy killed by a cyclist this year in NYC writes an article telling NYPD to back off the ticket blitz for bicycles…? Protect pedestrians and bikes from cars Oh, yeah, because only 8 people have died from getting hit by a bicycle in NYC since the turn of the century, compared to 2,291 killed by motor vehicles or a 286.375:1 ratio of deaths or to put it another way just over 0.3% of pedestrians killed are killed by bicycles.

An e-assist bike for bike share. Saltire City Mk1 Electric Bike for Mass Automated Cycle Hire Schemes I notice there is no information about the e-assist other than it exists. The video shows it is a bottom bracket assist that looks like the rider is pedaling even when no force is being applied, which because the hub is fixed drive that makes a lot of sense.

And last link, a pair of tadpole trike chassis about to get coroplast bodies and become racing velos. Check out CO2 & CO3!

And those were all the links that didn’t have wrecks in them, or at least that didn’t require my thought and time contemplating and analysing the wrecks.

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