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In recovery mode, and the Feed

I’m in recovery mode today after spending pretty much the entire day running around Dallas and Collin Counties yesterday. I left before 1000 to go to the bank, then went to the chiropractor, then to Plano Cycling to pick up some bike parts, then to the drugstore to pick up a prescription for one of my tenants, then back to the house at roughly 1945. That works out to 10 hours +/- a few minutes on the road for the day, with most of that actually being “on the road” riding a bus or train, or waiting to catch a bus or train. Very little of that time was actually used for doing things at a destination.

Up first a cyclist rides for good. Binghamton-area officers plan bike ride to Washington to honor fallen comrade and different newspaper Bike ride to Washington planned for fallen officer

More reaction to that sensationalistic report about cyclist deaths in the US. Why Cyclist Groups Lashed Out on the Latest Bike Safety Report The thing is while the numbers in the report were accurate, they were contextless. For example, giving the percentage of cyclists killed wearing bicycle helmets is interesting, but lacks the information about the percentage of cyclists riding wearing helmets. If there is not a significant difference between the two then it can be assumed that helmet-wearing is not a reliable indicator of survival in a wreck.

IN NC, a semi-reasonable reaction to a fatal bike wreck. After cyclists’ deaths, Durham police emphasize traffic laws The only question I have is are they concentrating on things that cause cyclists to get hit by cars, or on things that annoy drivers about cyclists?

Fun in MS. Through the Viewfinder: Natchez cyclists trek through area during annual Halloween ride

A FL cyclist makes a memorial ride to Lincoln NE from the Lincoln Memorial to raise money for veterans. ‘Lincoln to Lincoln’ cyclist crosses Bellevue Bridge as sister waits

A feel-almost-good story out of CA. $10,000 raised at fundraiser for cyclist hurt in hit-and-run The “almost” part is the hit-and-run with the perp still at large, the rest of the report is fine.

From the UK, when you go from 2 wrecks in 6 years to 18 in 3 and 3 deaths, you have seriously screwed the pooch. CYCLE TRAGEDY: Junction where Maxx died has been scene of 18 accidents I can’t say what went wrong here, but something was done wrong and seriously so.

Chris Boardman goes on the offensive against victim-blaming. Chris Boardman hits back at critics after riding without helmet Riding in regular clothes without a helmet, does he have some kind of death wish? Nope, a Dutch wish.

Sad news. Road ride remembers Salisbury cyclist killed in collision with lorry

No more legal “buzz jobs” in Oz? Motorists who drive too close to cyclists to be fined under proposal to cut deaths on SA roads Now if they just make hitting a cyclist from behind an automatic conviction under the law.

Still in Oz, is your cycling insurance up-to-date? Cyclists need insurance, too

And that’s all I got tonight.

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