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More running around I didn’t get to Monday, and the Feed

Hard as it may be to believe I was not able to get done everything I needed to get done Monday in spite of spending more than 9 hours on the road, and after recovering from the trip yesterday I went out again today to complete my errands. There are a couple of bills that I have to pay in person rather than by sending a payment by mail or online, and I took care of them today. Ordinarily I pay these bills off by walking to the payment location, but since I had to pay them both off today I took DART. Because of headway issues I spent nearly as much time taking the bus as I would have just walking, but I had a lot less walking to do because of taking the bus. I did wind up walking the mile home from the last payment location because it was about 20 minutes quicker than waiting on the bus that I had just missed. This is one result from having only one bus on this loop that takes about 45 minutes to run.

Up first, what inevitably happens when a state has no laws against making up shit to write tickets about. Cops Ticketing Cyclists For Biking On The Left Side Of The Road NYC statute (and a large proportion of the bike lanes) are different from NYS statute, in that in some instances NYC cyclists are required to ride to the left on one-way streets over 40 feet wide. Some NYPD officers are unaware of this statute, with inevitable effects.

Our Daily Ted returns. Morning Links: New plan for Westwood Blvd removes nothing; Redondo Beach officials tear down that wall

Does this really work? Courteous Cycling Last I tested it trying to be courteous got my elbow smacked by the driver’s side mirror on an F-150 truck.

I don’t know if you will be able to see this, but it’s a Facebook repost of a Brazilian anti-drunk driving ad. Photos from Adam P Hunt’s post in I Love Bikes

And a little tidbit from the Beebe. Would these five changes actually help cyclists?

And that’s all I got today.

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