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Grocery day in the post-retirement era, and the Feed

Howdy! One of the major differences between grocery day BR (before retirement) and AR is we no longer have to wait for Mrs. the Poet to get home from work before leaving for the grocery store. We just wait for eldest child to put his laundry in the machine and then we go.

I found a new (to me) beer today, Shiner Holiday Cheer, on sale for $14 for the 12 pack. It’s made with peaches and pecans and a little bit of spices and has a very robust mouth feel and head. The peaches are mostly sensed through the nose before drinking, while the pecans are felt through the palate and the spices hover between. There is almost no hop signature to speak of to let the other ingredients shine through. The brew has a dark color from added coloring, not from a roasted malt and that shows in the muted malt notes. I rate this brew as decent for drinking by itself (not with food) but too delicate to go with a meal. If you are just sitting down for a post-prandial before bed, this will fill the bill nicely, but if you are having a pizza then you need to drink a different beer. This would be the fruity white wine of Shiner in contrast to their robust Bock or Black Lager. I still like this beer, just not as much as Shiner Bock, or Farmhouse.

Up first, speeding cyclists doing almost the posted limit! THE INVESTIGATORS: THE DANGER OF SPEEDING BICYCLISTS IN CENTRAL PARK Two people have died! GASP!

A cyclist was also a good person who was always helping others before she was killed getting hit by 2 cars… Bicyclist hit and killed was well-liked by neighbors Not going the speculate on the wreck because I don’t do that any more. I’m just going to let folks know about the special person who got killed.

Bikeyface tries to do her vacation by bike. Notice I didn’t say “does her vacation by bike”. BIKE-CATION! Another case of crappy infrastructure, this time based on access blocked by high-speed traffic and restricted hours.

Some good news from AZ. Flagstaff schools get new bike racks thanks to donations

Infrastructure news from PA. Nutter taps board to make Philly more of a biking hub “Nutter” is the mayor’s name, not a pejorative term.

Long Island in NY makes the infrastructure news. Letter: Lives lost along Long Island’s roads Poorly designed or non-existent bicycle infrastructure gets cyclists killed, simple as that.

Bad infrastructure in the making in the UK, no surprise there. Cyclists criticise lack of provision for bike riders as part of junction re-work The only level of service cyclists are seeing is lip service.

And bad UK infrastructure seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Britain’s roads “aren’t safe enough” says Sustrans as cyclist casualties climb 10 per cent And if it weren’t for the NHS the fatality rates would be even higher…

The Netherlands replaces 70M of bike path paving with solar paving that generates electricity. World’s first solar bike path set to open in the Netherlands This is a real-world pilot project and the first done outside the research lab that developed the solar paving, previous development testing was done with the parking lot of the lab… I have been following this project for several years now.

The cycling town of Wichita Falls TX sends off a different kind of bike ride. Cyclists Prepare for 4th Annual Warriors on Wheels WoaB supports and endorses this event.

And another Wounded Warrior ride. No. Smithfield veteran seeks healing with 1,915-mile bike ride

Last link, because I’m just that evil… Oh My Word This Tune Is Annoying

And that’s all I got today, come back tomorrow for more…

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