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Dealing with a full house of Crazy, and the Feed

It is going to be so much fun this week, as the crazy roommate across the hall is taking her vacation this week, Mrs. the Poet doesn’t leave until Wednesday morning, and the nice transgendered couple will both be back from their respective therapists and in the house starting Tuesday. The person that creates the issues is the one that lives directly across the hall from Mrs. the Poet’s and my room, because she can’t keep herself from meddling in what other people are doing, like constantly trying to get me to “do something” while I’m at work already. Her mind does not wrap around the concept of “work from laptop”, indeed even Mrs. the Poet seems unable to grasp the concept from time to time. This has resulted in some late postings since Mrs. the Poet retired on Halloween. So if the post sometimes appears to be less coherent than usual for the next few days, you will know why.

I’m still waiting on the new hat I bought in September as there was a supply-chain issue in getting the correct size of hat to use to make the tie-dyed boonie hat. I tried making my own but that is a skill-set outside my purview. I managed to turn a nice white hat into a blotchy brown hat when I made the attempt myself, so I leave the actual tie-dye to people with the skills to do so. I’m just a little ticked that it has taken so long for the hat to come from China to New Jersey…

Up first, do you get frustrated with loop detectors not set up to detect bicycles? Veloloop Cuts Cyclists’ Wait Time at Red Lights Note that this device does not change the light for a cyclist any faster than it does for a car, it just makes a bicycle look the same to the detector as a car does and allows the cyclist to place the bike where the detector is most sensitive.

CA drivers are starting to get the news about the 3-foot bike passing law. New bike buffer law credited for raising awareness in Marin Remember, the law says if you can’t pass with 3 feet of clearance pass slowly and carefully. So practice passing other vehicles slowly and carefully while you wait to encounter someone riding a bicycle on a street or road that does not allow crossing the centerline and also does not allow passing with 3 feet of clearance while remaining in the same lane.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Busy calendar, more on new Westwood bike lane proposal, and bike riding Hollywood thief is a Dick Notice the bike-riding thief is named Dick, not that, well you know.

Moving across the pond, passing less than 3 feet from a cyclist is assault when the cyclist is a cop. Road rage driver convcited of assaulting two cyclists who were off-duty police officers Spelling error was in the headline.

Still over in Jolly Olde comes this indictment of some local infrastructure. Nine pedestrians and two cyclists killed in South Yorkshire road accidents last year This is a rather broad area with fewer people than Manhattan, but even at that low density they managed to kill 11 people not riding in cars.

Still in the UK… Border’s lawyer uses wheel-life passion for cycling to campaign for safer road conditions

I like this one, but not the reason for the ride. Marines ride in memory of Marine killed in Fallujah WoaB endorses this ride…

A better way of converting existing bikes to e-assist? Taichung Bike Week: Novatec unveils stealth mid-drive system The article states the motor is on the non-drive side crank arm, but shows only the drive side of the unit becaauusse?? If the controller uses standard connectors then you can use just about any battery with those connectors and the right voltage for the controller, but the system was initially intended for getting full-suspension MTB up hills to bomb down the hill after so the first battery packs will be wearable rather than rack mounted.

And package tracking for my steering wheel and windshield post purchase shows it has made it to OKC from Lincoln, NE and is on track to be here tomorrow afternoon.

Billed @€0.02, Opus the unkillable badass Poet