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Sometimes even the straight infrastructure links will get you, and the Feed

I found two disturbing links while filtering today, one that I will share later on an infrastructure failure, and another from South Africa that I won’t share the link for but I will relate the gist of the story as an update to a story I reported earlier because I thought some of you might still be interested. The basics are the cyclist was part of a small group that was hit by a hit-and-run driver who was found not much later with the wheel of the most seriously injured cyclist till impaled in the floor of the weapon vehicle, and the driver still drunk. There was a preliminary hearing that the driver was supposed to attend that got put off for a year or so because the driver wanted to go on vacation out-of-country and the next available court date was over a year away. And people wonder why I advocate lynch mobs with pitchforks and torches when dealing with drunk drivers. And also shredding the vehicles of drunk drivers. Blow over the limit and remove your personal items from the car because it is going bye-bye now-now.

Up first because why not? Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Road raging Malibu driver assaults cyclist, and the Times looks at the politics of LA road diets The attack mentioned in the headline went from a simple road incident to assault and battery when the driver got out of his vehicle…

In a display of pretzel “logic”, reducing the speed limit 5 MPH is “dangerous” to drivers in NYC, unlike everywhere else in the world. NY Post: Lower Speed Limit Is Dangerous For Drivers

Still in NYC, and still stupid. Should Cops Ticket Cyclists Who Use Cell Phones? They don’t ticket people using cell phones when they run pedestrians and cyclists over, why bother with cyclists that are not actively running over other people? And don’t get me started about all the drivers that didn’t get a ticket for killing people while driving on the sidewalks…

This is that infrastructure-caused death I mentioned in the opening paragraph, report from Canada. Cyclist dies in hospital after crashing into tree in Oakville There were no other vehicles involved, just a cyclist trying to stay away from death machines on the road and a sidewalk. Sidewalks are bad bicycle infrastructure…

And last link because it is cute, for those garage jobs when you just don’t feel like getting the boots out but you need toe protection… Steel toe bunny slippers Another DIY triumph!

And that’s all I found that didn’t make me crazier.

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