Feeling lazy, and the Feed

I think it might be related to the change in the seasons, or maybe the person that makes the coffee in the morning (see-through coffee! sacrilege) but I have been feeling a touch on the lethargic side today. I mean it took forever to get through the funnies today even with blowing off the comments sections. And I still have more chores to finish, like replacing the wheel I replaced the tube on yesterday and putting it back on the bike, and taking the letter with the new check for the artist that won the tattoo contest last year that replaces the check that was wandering all over Canada to the Post Office to put the correct postage on it (that one might have to wait until Monday as it is already too late to get to the Post Office on the bus before it closes). And I really need to mow the lawn but I can’t get the mower to crank over in this cold weather we are having.

Up first, current law in DC is that if there is any possible thing an injured pedestrian or cyclist could have done to prevent a wreck that injured them, then they get nothing even if the driver of the weapon vehicle was 100% at fault. Trying to get this changed is having a rough time getting through. Bill to change compensation for injured walkers, cyclists stalls again Seriously I think they are just delaying this to make the next council have to deal with it so they don’t have to explain why they voted it down to prosecutors.

A stolen trike in PA. Sentinel police log for Nov. 13 Look near the bottom of the Carlisle PD log. Seriously, who doesn’t like Unlawful Falafel? That’s just wrong.

Umm, what is this supposed to accomplish, really? Bin lorries get warning signs for cyclists This might help the one or two cyclists who get hit after passing garbage trucks at the curb waiting for the light to turn, but what about the ones hit waiting at the light before the truck gets there, or the ones who can’t see the back of the truck because there is a bus in front of it (which would blind that bicycle sensor BTW)?

Last link is from WoaB’s favorite artist Bikeyface. SHARING I’m with using a cartoon spokesthing on kids’ shows (I nominate “Sammy the Sharing Squirrel”) with examples of what “Share the Road” really means, but BMUFL signs are better than “Share the Road” for the short term. I really need to do a series of short scripts for the PSA for Cartoon Network this Sunday, to be shown during Adult Swim… Yes, I’m getting slightly excited about the concept.

And those are all the links I had today, really there was next to nothing in the Google Alerts and not much more in my online newspapers.

Billed @€0.02, Opus the unkillable badass Poet

One response to “Feeling lazy, and the Feed

  1. Totally agree about the “see thru” coffee. You should Not be able to see the spoon, IMHO. I’m having my morning coffee right now, fresh ground, “Morning Blend” from a local farmers market. And my Mother made the coffee this morning. I’m moving out of my apartment, and into a two-family house. within two miles. But I gotta get a new automatic ddrip coffee maker, the last one didn’t survive the move…


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