Another visit to the Lab Rat Keeper, and the Feed

I spent most of the day going to and from the LRK office today. Good news is I still have a decent resting heart rate and fairly low BP even after reducing the dosage for my meds and pulling one, so my basic good general health is pulling through. Bad news is I put on another 3 pounds since the last visit and I had to have another blood test to track my hormone levels because my previous one is no longer good. Also since I’m having to change my hormone med to something Obamacare covers the test will be needed to calculate the required dose. The nurse that drew my blood is very good, to the point that I have had mosquito bites that were more irritating than this blood draw.

There weren’t many links after I got done filtering the chaff out that I can’t linger over any more. That means I will get done pretty quick after starting on my composing.

Up first is a dose of Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: OC hit-and-run driver gets a slap on the wrist; Detroit’s Shinola opens a new store in Silverlake

Why even have a law that never gets enforced, even when breaking it results in people getting killed? A ‘safe’ distance? Cyclist law unenforced I mean seriously, I would think hitting a cyclist from behind would have to count as not passing safely, wouldn’t it?

And that was all I could find that wasn’t a hazard to my fragile sanity, plus I have to go buy a new compact HD TV tomorrow at a store that will be closed for Thanksgiving which means getting up early again.

Billed @€0.02, Opus the unkillable badass Poet


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