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Still looking for a PS2 steering wheel, and the Feed

OK, non-bicycle stuff first. I’m still trying to find a steering wheel controller that is compatible with GT4 and my PS2. I have been trying to use the game play carrier option to unlock more tracks, but using the controller means I can’t get consistent steering control of the car, so I need a wheel. AFAIK those are either prohibitively expensive or non-existent in NIB (new in box) form. I mean Amazon doesn’t show any… So, I’m asking out to my community, if you know of a cheap Logitech Driving Force, GT Force, or GT Force Pro steering wheel controller in good condition from any source drop me a line with someplace to send my money, either via the contact data on my blog page (I think that button didn’t get lost during any “upgrades” from Automatic) or by just leaving a comment on a post, I get notified of all comments left to my blog. On the money part, I’m extending a big “Thank You” to all the anonymous donors to the blog, I’m actually going to clear more in revenues than I spend in hosting fees again this year.

Up first, before I post any links there was a sandwich delivery rider injured on the job over in Ft. Worth. Not mentioning names here, but if you know the guy tell him that we here at WoaB are pulling for his quick and complete recovery, because we know where he has been.

First link is Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: The last gasp for Santa Monica Blvd bike lanes; is Gil Cedillo sandbagging his own safety meetings?

A little Infrastructure! news from CA. San Jose may ban sidewalk bicycling downtown Not to put too fine a point on it, cyclists don’t ride on sidewalks when there is safe bicycle infrastructure. San Jose feels like riding the Gantlet dodging angry drivers at the controls of killing machines if the reports I get from cyclists living or working there are anything to go by.

An East Indian e-assist bike review. Hero Electric Avior Review: Human-Electric Hybrid Hero is the largest bicycle builder in a country that is heavily dependent on bicycles for moving the economy, so you would think they would build an e-assist bike right.

Not many links today, so not much in the post. Plus I have a delivery scheduled, that is currently running late. I’m not too worried, but it is my grandson’s Christmas present (and a couple of minor parts for the Sprint T). And the tracking report was the package left for delivery about 0845 and now it’s almost 11 hours later, and yes, I’m worried, but not worried. (too much)

Billed @€0.02, Opus the unkillable badass Poet