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Dealing with dysfunction and people I love, and the Feed

Want a train wreck? Try combining a depressed Trans* person, and Mrs. the Poet’s denying of the existence of depression, forgetting the fact that I have been dealing with varying degrees of depression ever since the wreck that temporarily killed me. The seismic shocks have been rocking the house all afternoon. And I mean seismic, Mrs. the Poet can be very … passionate about things. I love her (obviously) but she has blind spots in her worldview. I probably do too. I think everyone has to one degree or another. It’s just that this particular blind spot makes it hard to explain about the situation. This is similar to trying to talk to a person about climate change when they don’t believe there is any such thing. The outcome is seldom pretty.

Up first, more anti-cyclist H8 on display in the media. Double standards on bicycle safety? Two hit-and-run wrecks, one a pedestrian with lots of publicity and information about the wreck, the other an un-named cyclist with no information other than he was killed on a particular highway and was about the same age as the pedestrian.

Hey, a city is taking responsibility for creating infrastructure that gets people killed or injured, and for a driver that t-boned a car with a dumptruck. Denver City Council OKs settling 2 crash cases involving cyclist, motorist for $235K The cyclist was caught in a road seam that flipped him over the handlebars, the driver was hit by a truck and “severely injured”.

In the UK, a cyclist can take a cycling course instead of getting a ticket. Cambridge cyclists to face course or fine if they break law Note that of the three infractions listed 2 are reactions to crappy infrastructure, not things that are in themselves dangerous to others. The other one is riding without lights.

From Oz comes a report of a highly biased and inflammatory slur against cyclists on a popular game show. Family Feud question about ‘something annoying a cyclist might do’ causes backlash The comments are priceless worthless.

A bit of US infrastructure news. Motivated to ride a bike? Bike-share company changes name Another sign that Portland has lost its mojo, as Alta Bike Share leaves Portland and fires all the bikey people that were running the company.

And quiet day, those are all the links I could find today.

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