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Well I tried to find a link to Wednesday Addams saying “Everything’s perfectly normal,” but apparently nobody has uploaded that to YouTube yet, pity. That was from the 1960s TV show, not the movie, so there may not be any record of it any more. And Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day to all my “squirrelly” friends.

Some recreational “infrastructure a few towns up the road from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Frisco council approves construction of pump track for bikers

Still in TX Lubbock riders try to get baby steps started to making bicycle infrastructure there. Lubbock cyclists mobilize to address bike safety concerns What is sad about this is they are trying to get “bike routes” and “sharrows” or basically the “abstinence only sex ed” of bicycle infrastructure, i.e. not real bicycle infrastructure.

And today’s big story is a cyclist injured in a hit-and-run with a kangaroo. Cyclist injured by kangaroo and Kangaroo knocks cyclist off bike on Canberra’s Adelaide Avenue also Thomas Jordan at it again? Is he on the loose in Australia? I don’t know who Thomas Jordan is, I assume it is some kind of foreign exchange in-joke as the wreck was a hit-and-run. The kangaroo continued on to have another wreck with a motor vehicle where it was killed. Toxicology tests have not come back to determine if the ‘roo was drunk at the time of the wreck.

In national news, there is a bill in congress that would allow agencies from local to state levels to borrow money from the Feds at below-market rates to fund bicycle infrastructure now. H.R.199 – Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2015 – Full Text Lotsa words there that come down to authorizing $11 million to give away with $1 million for administration costs to loan at the same rate as Federal bonds, which is much lower than most municipalities can get.

Bikeyface has something to say about the condition of the infrastructure. ROAD DEMONS Potholes and debris are her road demons, because they cause unpredictable interaction with motor vehicles.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Catching up with the local blogs, better PR from LADOT, and BWB at the Kingdom Day Parade

Nobody can convince me that months of media coverage to the effect that cyclists are not allowed on the roads did not contribute to this, or caused it outright. Lexington cyclist assaulted with car door This is the same media market where the Cherokee Schill affair took place.

PA infrastructure news. What one avid bicyclist wants from Philadelphia’s next mayor

More PA infrastructure news. Bring 9/11 memorial trail through Lehigh Valley The author makes a compelling point for this alignment, but never states what other alignments might be used.

Support for a revolutionary change in legal infrastructure in NE. Cyclists say they need more protection

Sometimes it’s subtle changes to infrastructure that make your life easier. PVH ambulances vow to leave no bike behind It has come to the point of cyclists refusing the ambulance ride because their bikes would be left unattended and most likely stolen or stripped when someone came back to recover them.

A plea for the legal infrastructure to so something when a cyclist is killed and there is no doubt at all as to the cause. ‘Don’t let 73-year-old who killed cyclist drive again,’ girlfriend urges The driver in this case mistook the gas for the brake and ran over the cyclist and drive around in circles (doing doughnuts in the street?) until the car ran into a bollard with the cyclist still under the car. One wonders why the driver would ever want to drive again after doing that?

A little e-assist link. Proposed bill would legalize, regulate electric bicycles

And somehow I got invited to this protest ride, a far ways away from WoaB in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Vigil and Die-In This event will take place in London.

And now I’m out of links to share.

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