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Be on the lookout for counterfeit Dr. Scholl’s inserts, and the Feed

Yesterday’s post got sidetracked because I got soaked as the temperature was dropping like a stone, and I forgot to mention that I had just replaced the worn-out inserts in my shoes in an attempt to extend their lifespan until spring. I got what I thought were Dr. Scholl’s replacement inserts and put them in on Monday. I say “thought” because it turns out the store I bought them through had been sold counterfeit products. When I removed the inserts this morning to let more air get inside the shoes to dry them out I found the new inserts missing a few critical parts and piles of goo inside the shoes. Whatever cheap shit they used was water soluble and in turn made my shoes a sticky mess that will have to be replaced sooner rather than the later I had planned on from replacing the inserts. Basically I’m just wearing shoes with no lining at this point, the insole that protects my socks (and feet) from the surface of the top of the sole was part of the insert that I threw away Monday and replaced with the phony “Dr. Scholl’s” insert I can wear the shoes for short periods of time but any long walks are right out, at least until I get new inserts. Mrs. the Poet says she does not remember where she got the inserts, so tracking origin and the rest of the shoddy batch down is going to be impossible. This was one of those “standby” purchases we made because of the whole “can’t walk very far without these, and have to walk a long ways to get to a store that has them, better get some before we need them” mindset. Well now I have to do that walking, and buy new shoes. And then take them to a shoe repair place to get the left one raised by 17mm so I can walk straight again.

Up first is yesterday’s Daily Ted. Morning Links: Cycling in the South Bay makes me blush, and what you — and drivers — don’t know about bike law This was the one that I missed because of the wet feet/falling temperatures fiasco.

This is today’s Daily Ted. Morning Links: Dismal turnout but bike friendly results, and a new video says safer streets can make a big difference Many races were decided by a few dozen votes, some less than that. Elections like this is where I say that winners have to get a plurality of registered voters, not just votes cast. When 90% of the registered voters don’t show up that is a huge “None of the Above” vote.

The really big story continues to be the death by “door prize” in Oz. Cyclist killed on Sydney Road, Brunswick, stood no chance, police say And I can’t believe they are going to forego writing a ticket because the driver waited until the first cyclist passed before hitting the second cyclist with the door. Sydney Road speed limit drops to 40km/h in wake of dooring death That’s 25 MPH for the metric impaired among my readers. Sydney Rd to become 24-hour 40km/h zone in new safety plan following cyclist death As several people pointed out in both of the comments sections in the preceding links, the weapon vehicle in this wreck was stationary when the driver opened the door in front of the cyclist. Melbourne’s naked bike ride to take detour past Sydney Road ‘dooring’ site OooKayyyy…. Paul Syvret shares his fears as a casual cyclist

Some almost-good news out of the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Man Charged in Fatal Hit and Run of Bicyclist in Dania Beach Why was he renting the vehicle in the first place? Was his regular vehicle in the shop for body repair? Have they checked to see if he was involved in other hit-and-run wrecks? And the thing that makes this “almost” good is he got caught, what keeps it from being all the way good is what he did to get caught for.

Traffic enforcement news from NYC, part 1. [UPDATED] Unlicensed Teen Driver Who Killed 4-Year-Old Takes Plea Deal You know if it wasn’t for the courts changing the laws to require more proof for vehicular homicide than for murder we could get stricter sentences for drivers that kill people walking on the sidewalk. Or in a crosswalk with the signal. Seriously, the ticket for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk and not hitting anyone is almost as high as the maximum fine for killing a person crossing in a crosswalk with the signal. You could literally get a smaller fine for killing a person, than for riding a half block from the curb cut to the bike rack to park your bike.

Traffic enforcement news from NYC, part 2. No Jail Time For Driver Who Killed 9-Year-Old On Brooklyn Sidewalk See the analysis from the previous article because it applies even better to this wreck where the driver was driving in the freaking sidewalk.

More on the WY trial of a cyclist-killing driver. Casper man receives 16 years in prison for cyclist’s death The thing that bothers me about this one is the minimal deterrent this holds for the majority of drivers in the state. What am I talking about you ask? Look at the color of the driver’s skin and pay attention to his name. I’m sure most of the drivers likely to kill a cyclist are going to think that this driver was punished for being Hispanic as much as killing a cyclist.

More on the IA taillight law making its way through the legislature. Bill requiring rear bicycle lights advances in Iowa Senate You know a great deal of the problem here is LEO not enforcing Iowa Code, Section 321.285, the Basic Speed Law.

A little CA infrastructure. Pedestrian, Bicycle Plan Approved For 20-Blocks Of San Francisco’s Polk Street

A HI wreck is getting blamed mostly on the infrastructure. Cyclist’s death highlights road dangers and Hawaii police officer on leave after bicyclist killed What I don’t see is a driver blamed for driving faster than he could stop in the distance he could see clearly. That is what caused this wreck, not “glare”, not a lack of shoulders on the road. Driving too fast for conditions.

With a little money even the most deadliest state in the US can build some nice bicycle infrastructure. Pine Island Florida

I count this as probably a crime of opportunity, if it was planned that would mean the guy that buzzed the cyclist was an accomplice, or that there was something that caused the wreck on the road that the thief removed when he stole the bag from the basket. Thief stole injured cyclist’s handbag as she lay unconscious

I call BS on this one, as the cyclist was run over before reaching the actual intersection. The tragic consequences of one cyclist running a red light

OK really, what could the kid have done in this situation? Alan Cartwright stabbing: Three arrested over teenage cyclist’s murder

Drivers just can’t seem to stop hitting cyclists, maybe it’s the infrastructure? Bradford selected for cycle safety campaign as injuries rise The problem is you can’t really “tame” motor vehicle traffic, you have to keep it caged away from people that could get hurt.

A little news from Canuckistan. Edmonton bicycle community remembers cyclist killed in crash

I like this bit of honest-for-real Lifestyle in Boston. Femmechanics Boston This is a coop that caters to transwomen. Knowing some transwomen I can see that this could work, given a high enough concentration of them to make it feasible. Otherwise it’s just an empty building with bike tools.

I like their attitude. ‘We aren’t disabled, we’re inconvenienced,’ veteran says as Ride 2 Recovery group cycles 470 miles

And I think I’m out of links, thank [$DEITY].

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