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Another rainy day, and the Feed

We have another rainy day today, which doesn’t break the 5-year drought, but does ease things a bit. The soil is thoroughly saturated and groundwater is getting replenished, and there is enough runoff to put some in the lakes and reservoirs. So the crisis is lessened but not alleviated.

Tomorrow I will be trekking to Plano Cycle, the bike store that is the easiest one for me to get to. I have to claim my Christmas present, and shop for repair parts for Blue. Plus I just like being inside a bike shop, the energy is just so good in there.

Up first is Our Daily Ted, mainly because I wanted to give Ted credit for finding some of the links before I opened my Feed folder. Morning Links: UCI doping report on the dopes running UCI, photos of Paralympic cyclists and Dr. Oz on bikes Yep, at least one link in BikingInLA today was also in my Feed later in the morning.

From NYC, that church just swerved in front of that car. Cops Arrest Driver Who Allegedly Crashed Car Into LI Church Shouldn’t that be classified as a hit-and-run since the driver left the scene? The front of the building sustained heavy damage in the wreck, which just goes along with what I have been saying about cars causing as much destruction as artillery pieces.

After that I think some levity is in order. funny cycling Laugh or not, your choice.

Given the circumstances I would say if the driver was not “distracted” then they need to charge this as a murder. Police: Driver who killed cyclist was likely distracted The passenger stated the driver was calling and texting his girlfriend at the time of the wreck and just before. See what I previously posted about motor vehicles and artillery.

More on the cyclist murdered in the street in the UK. Teenager, 18, charged with murder of 15-year-old cyclist who was stabbed to death in street attack See, attack a cyclist with a knife and get a lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view) hit in and they go after you for murder. But attack a cyclist with a motor vehicle and it’s the cyclist’s fault for being in the street to get hit.

More on the cyclist doored in Oz, even though they are running out of things to say on the subject. Thousands ride in moving tribute to cyclist killed on Sydney Rd, Brunswick The first thing authorities did was reduce the speed limit between midnight and 0630 to the same limit as the rest of the day even though the wreck did not take place during that time and the speed of the cyclist and the truck that killed him were not factors in the wreck.

Infrastructure news from FL as attitudes start to turn around. Cyclists deserve to be protected, safe I don’t know what could be done about drivers that just don’t pay attention to the roads while they drive, except to take cars away if they hit somebody. The current fine structure just does not seem to be making an impact on driver behavior. And lifetime bans on driving seem to have zero effect on drivers as they continue to drive in spite of the bans.

UK infrastructure remains as bad as ever, ditto drivers. Cambridgeshire cyclist injuries hit 10-year high A 30% commute share and they still can’t spend any money on not killing or injuring cyclists. They blame the increase of injuries on “more cyclists” not “bad drivers who can’t keep from hitting cyclists”.

From the “please don’t hit the pedestrians” file. Pedestrian takes Ambulance Victoria to court to get name of cyclist who knocked him over in Royal Park Yep “Don’t hit the pedestrians” again.

Someone is starting to get the message “It’s the stupid infrastructure”. Road trauma: Design a big factor in accident statistics Yep, putting through bike lanes on the outside of motor vehicle turn lanes will cause motor vehicles to turn across and over people riding bicycles, among other stupid designs.

Last link is about the MD cyclist killed by a drunk driver who was also texting. AN UNFINISHED RIDE There was information in the article that cyclist used this road preferentially because it was low-speed by US standards and had a painted bike lane. But paint will not keep a drunk and distracted driver from driving in the bike lane.

And those are all the links I have for today. Remember tomorrow’s post will be late as I have to take the bus and train two towns over to access a “local” bike store. I’m trying to figure out what it says that it’s easier to get to Plano than to take the bus to South Garland… Probably that DART sucks.

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Good news, bad news and an end of an era, on Wreck-Free Sunday

First the good news, Blue is back and seems to be a repairable wreck. The big problem is getting the right seat cover to replace the now-white formerly-black one that came on the bike. The ones at RANS bike store look like they were made for the later model crank-forward bikes, which means replacing the whole seat just to get one with a usable seat cover.

The Full List, so far:

Seat cover/new seat
Rear derailler
New tire tubes
New shifters
New Chain
New rear cluster
Computer battery
Brake pads
Taillight (requires fabricating another bracket to install)

Rough estimate on costs for repairs is $300 doing it cheap, and $600 doing it the way Blue deserves to have it done. Yeah, I think I found a new candidate for the steel-toed boots and shin guards, bike thief…

Now about that “end of an era” in the headline. Yesterday was the last game for the RPG group as we lost both of our GMs. One will be leaving Texas tomorrow for OH, and the other will be leaving for OK sometime in the next two weeks. This is the same group I have been playing with since 01/2011 and I still have my original character from that first game, a D&D3.5 Warlock that is now 9th level after surviving several low XP adventures. My Eldritch Blast is raised to 7d6 after finding a Chaucible of Eldritch Power on a dungeon crawl (some critter was using it to keep warm in the dungeon). My second 3.5 Warlock was up to 7th level after many target-rich adventures in a short span, and buying another Chaucible in an actual magick shoppe at 6th level has a 5d6 damage Eldritch Blast. I created several other characters for other game systems along the way, but Sparrow and his son Sparrow Jr. were my first two since I started playing again for the first time in about 25 years. So, I have a little sorrow about no longer playing those characters.

And I think this has been an emotional enough trip through the weekend, so I’m stopping it here.

PSA, Opus the (unkillable badass) Poet