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I have a lot of links to get through, and the Feed

OK the D&D game was cancelled last night on account of illness. After setting everything up so I could leave the house I got a call to stand by because the game might not happen, and someone would come get me instead of my taking DART. Nobody came or answered my texts until today when I found out the DM was feeling under the weather. Que sera, sera there was nothing I could do about it, so I didn’t get upset about it. And when it all comes down to it, it was just a game.

Up first we have two links to a tragedy in Canuckistan. Cyclist hits, kills woman walking in northeast Edmonton and Woman dies after being struck by bicycle in north Edmonton I have to admit, my first instinct was to ask “was the deceased wearing a helmet?” because that is the first thing asked when a cyclist is hit. Also AFAIK this is the first bike/ped fatality I’m aware of in the entire country of Canada this century.

We can do this when any car lane expansions are planned, too. Anti-Growth Lawsuits Are All the Rage This is blatant tort abuse, and the perpetrators don’t even deny it, they revel in it.

A little legal infrastructure under construction in IA. Bill requiring rear bicycle light gets Iowa Senate OK I wonder if there is going to be a consequent enhancement of violating the basic speed rule for hitting a cyclist from behind? (I wouldn’t bet on it.)

Speaking of infrastructure, why isn’t there better bike infrastructure at international borders? Cyclists demand space on new international bridge Lots of “stuff” in the comments section for Gigi to revel in, she loves people displaying low levels of intelligence.

Some Portland infrastructure is testing well. Right-hook risk drops with flashing “Yield to Bikes” sign on NE Couch Noting like proven results when promoting changes to infrastructure. It’s only one intersection but the data is some help.

Another infrastructure article on the effectiveness of the post-wreck infrastructure. Free State dept probing 2 hour wait for ambulance The headline is misleading, the cyclist was hit between 1700 and 1715, but was not transported from scene until 2000. It might have gotten there only 2 hours later but the victim was not transported until 3 hours after the wreck.

A rare display of sense from Enn Zed judiciary. Driving ban refused for bike rider The judge said pulling his driver’s license for riding a bicycle away from cars and into a pedestrian is ridiculous, and I agree.

Two posts from Ted Rogers today. Update: 41-year old bike rider killed in Anaheim collision with tanker truck and Morning Links: Palmdale man killed defending his bike; LA cyclist rides to hospital after being stabbed by driver

Bikes in major media this week. ‘Grimm’ meets Portland cyclists on Friday’s episode, ‘Heartbreaker’ If I’m reading this right, there are going to be some iconic Portland bikes on-screen in this episode.

Given that a common definition of “cyclist” is “eating machine on wheels”, I find a touch of irony in riding a bicycle to fight hunger. Chefs Cycle for No Kid Hungry There are so many bad jokes I could use here, but I won’t…

Another memorial ride. Lexington bicyclist readies for cross-country charity trek, inspired by rider killed in Scott County

And yet another memorial ride. Maryland officer dedicates bicycle ride to late Groton City officer, raising awareness to police suicide

Cycling has been a force in women’s equality, not so much for equality of the races. A Historian’s Perspective: Black Women Bicycling

At least I know this guy is not going to go to helmets as the first line of safety in spite of what the media reports. Attorney, bicycle safety advocate to talk about cycle laws

Another e-assist article on a crank-assist system (most assist bikes are hub motors). The Gear Junkie – E-Bikes In 2015 MY experiments in crank assist looked nothing like that but had similar results.

And I’m finally out of links.

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