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Another late post tonight

Tonight’s post will be even later than usual as I will be attending a memorial service for a friend. Not only was this person, Alice, a friend of mine and my wife, she was a major reason why this blog exists in the first place. Many years ago she was one of the ones who told me that I needed to tell my story and all of the other people’s stories who couldn’t tell them because they were dead or unable to communicate for one reason or another. That was early in 2006, and late in 2006 I discovered blogging as a method of communication, taking my story and others’ directly to the people and to the persons who could make a difference. I managed to keep going with the wrecks for eight years, with some prodding from Alice from time to time when I would get discouraged, especially early on after I was more or less kicked off of MySpace’s blogging service for “having too many links” in my articles.

Alice was also the person who got me to contribute to court cases about wrecks after I had read so many that I could look at a narrative and put the vehicles through a reenactment to explain how the vehicles had to be placed and directions of travel to explain damages that were visible in the post-wreck pictures. She told me that my knowledge could help people not get hit in the future.

So, tonight I’m going to pay my respects to Alice. If you would like to honor her, she died of breast cancer so contributing to a fund that pays for screenings and mammograms would be an excellent way of honoring her contribution to WoaB as an entity. She was one of the people who kicked me in the butt to get this off the ground, the least I can do for her is help prevent others from going through what she went through. When making the gift/donation put it in memory of Alice Crawford.

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