Got home late from a bike repair gig, post will come in the morning

I had a gig to repair a bike damaged in transport, including exercising my sheetmetal skills to pound out a dent without having to do a repaint. I wasn’t able to completely get rid of the dent, but I didn’t damage the paint any more than what made the dent did. The end of my big crescent wrench had just the right amount of curve on both directions and enough mass in the right places to smooth out the dent except where the original impact stretched the metal. I could have completely removed all traces of the dent with a small ball peen hammer and a flat dolly with a little heat from a torch to shrink the metal back to its original contour, but that would have required removing the powdercoat from the fender.

After finishing up some other work we had dinner and delivered some junk from the person I was working for to recycle, and some downed tree branches to the church to use in fire making. And now it’s after midnight and I need to shower and go to bed.

PSA, Opus


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