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What adventures on a wreck-free Sunday

Sorry this is so late but I didn’t get home to start writing until almost 2200, and I didn’t get to sit down to begin this post until much later, as will be explained much later in the post.

But first, D&D, the non-kinky kind. I DM’ed a game session that I have been planning for months, old-school character creation. Old-school is rolling 3d6 in order on the character sheet and taking whatever you get as your stats, then trying to create a usable character from that. I nerfed it even more by saying all the characters were from one tiny farming village that had about 25 people including children and 2 books, a book of complete herbology and a second book that would allow a literate adult to teach enough literacy to the village children to be able to understand the book of herbology in about 6 years. That prevented any kind of character class that depended on long training by a master, like monks, paladins, certain kinds of fighter classes, and most magic users that didn’t depend on wild magic like some sorcerers and warlocks. We ended up with some decent fighter/woodchoppers using axes and fighter/farmers using sicles. And one sorcerer who had 2 healing slots. Nobody took my up on the offer of a warlock that had a 50% chance of casting “Cure light wounds” by casting Sickening Blast backwards, because that would make a warlock a very useful character to have in a fight, do as much damage as an archer with a greater chance of getting a hit, and then heal like a cleric with a bad choice of spells…

The game went well, there were 5 kobolds who had been harassing the villagers going to and from market day every week either going or coming depending on if their need for food, gold, or trade goods was greater that week, and the villagers decided to train up as best they could and do something about it. The attacks had been going on so long that the kobolds knew the villagers’ names and the villagers knew the kobolds’ names: Olaf, Jon, Pawl, Jorje, and Ringo. In the first encounter in the dark on the way to the market town the party managed to kill 3 kobolds before driving the other two away, Pawl was dead in the first two rounds and Jorje and Ringo were rendered unconscious and killed when the others ran away. That left Olaf and Jon to attack on the way back and hopefully get some trade goods since they missed getting the fresh and preserved vegetables on the way in, but no luck. They both died within 3 rounds.

Then our regular DM for the kinky game rolled up a quick encounter while I rolled up an old-school character to play with the other 2 players. We had a type of weak lycanthropy attack the village in wolf form and between friendly fire and wolf damage we lost 20% of the population (from 25 including kids to 20 with one dead kid lost with 4 adults). I’m embarrassed to say I was responsible for one friendly fire incident as a villager out having a dalliance with a woman in a nearby village returned after daybreak to be mistaken as the person spreading “wolf sickness” a weak kind of lycanthropy that could be cured by herbs instead of magic. We did manage to get the person spreading the sickness after the friendly fire incident, we cured most of the people who got bitten, and there was much sorrow in the village.

Now why I was so late getting the blog post up.

I had a party to go to for one of the members of the D&D group having a birthday. After doing the service this morning (see last Sunday’s post for the script) my ride to the party and I went and got some party supplies (birthday cake, soda, hotdogs, and burger patties) and went to pick up the birthday boy from work. When we got to the place of work the car we were riding in blew a coolant hose, and we dumped large amounts of coolant and money into the car making sure it didn’t blow up before everyone got home, and we had to stop several times on the way back from the party to refill the radiator. We also had to let the car sit and cool off before we could add the coolant, so what should have been about an hour trip home took about 3 hours instead. I had to miss evening services as they were long over when we went past the church on the way home, and as I pointed out it was nearly 2200 when we got home and after 2200 before I could fire up the computer to make this post. Now I feel something like one of the kobolds from yesterday. Only a little more alive than they ended up.

And that’s why I’m late

PSA, Opus