Daily Archives: July 19, 2015

This has been a rough day for a Wreck-Free Sunday

This will have to be a quick one. I went to a party Saturday, with mostly adults. I abstained from alcohol and monitored my hydration, took my snacks from the “healthy” side of the bar, did not over do anything except to stay up late, and still woke up late for morning services after somehow shutting my alarm off without waking up. I missed morning service, and did not really get “going” until about 1400 when the second cup of coffee finally started to kick in. And this was a service that I had been looking forward to attending almost as much as the one I gave last week. Some friends came by to take me out for sushi this afternoon, and then we went to evening service.

Something else that happened was I finally joined Twitter. I have managed to get my Real Name as my Twitter handle: @opusthepoet . I joined so that I could follow the Other Opus @frombloomcounty , and a couple of other people as well whose web comics I read religiously. Other than that I don’t know what I’m going to do with the account because I’m not the kind of guy who announces every meal or poop to the world. I will tweet this blog post when I post it, but aside from that I have no idea.

I really need to get back to bed now.

PSA, Opus