Took another mental health day to play D&D, and the Feed

I was playing my newly-leveled up Warlock8 today, and dealing with a buttload of frustration because so many of the antagonist NPC were magic-resistant, and all I got are variations on spell-like abilities and a camp knife. It’s like walking into a gun fight and finding out all your ammo is either blanks or duds, or marker rounds that don’t do more than sting a bit and leave a mark. I did manage to kill the freshwater giant octopus that grabbed me outside the dungeon when we stopped to wash off the caked blood and viscera. Yes, it was that kind of dungeon crawl. And program note, I have to go to the Lab Rat Keeper tomorrow, so I will be running late again.

The Big Story today is the fallout from a hit-and-run wreck of a charity rider in MI over the weekend. Deputies searching for fatal hit-and-run suspect also Family of woman killed in hit and run speaks out following tragedy this too No answers after Lake Orion cyclist killed in hit-and-run crash and then there’s this Attorney says client will meet prosecutors Tuesday about hit and run death of Lake Orion bicyclist That one line tells me all I need to know about this wreck: “It is a shame that these car-bicycle accidents happen on small county roads with no bicycle lanes and the lack of adequate safety provisions for Susan Cumming’s bicycle riding group.” The driver did it on purpose, this was a punishment pass gone bad by a driver who did not want to share the road with people on bicycles.

The next biggest story is the cyclist hit in the face with a hunk of concrete. St. Paul Bicyclist Recovering After Concrete Thrown At Him also Community raises funds to support injured Minneapolis cyclist This is a “lone-wolf” terrorist targeting people he thinks don’t belong on the same street as cars. I’m calling this one now, look for someone who has several social media posts about “freeloading cyclists” and probably something about “clogging the roads”. Then they can put him away for life because any of those attacks could have been deadly. This one very nearly was.

Two NYC wrecks that were only not bike related because the driver missed and hit something else. Video: Driver Hits Pedestrian & Crashes Into Upper East Side Starbucks Notice the two cyclists just after the wreck? He missed. and Driver Jumps Second Avenue Curb, Pinning Woman Against Light Pole again the driver crossed a bike lane bofore jumping the curb and hitting the pedestrian.

Person riding a bicycle hit in Jersey. 16-year-old Paterson boy killed in hit and run while riding bicycle Don’t people realize, that no matter whose fault the wreck was initially, it becomes all your fault when you leave the scene.

Our Daily Ted started with such high hopes. Morning Links: It’s Video Tuesday, LA Mobility Plan back before city council, and one more CicLAvia wrap-up With the exception of the wrecks in video most of the post is fairly upbeat.

The later we got this. Bike rider killed in El Cajon; second bicycling fatality in San Diego County this week

While we are talking L.A. L.A. Transportation Plan Could Give Cyclists, Transit Riders the Commuting Edge

And this wreck was alluded to in Ted’s last link. Bicyclist dies in crash while pedaling in the middle of I-15 There is a strong possibility the cyclist got trapped on the freeway after making a wrong turn and did not know where he was. Unfortunately the cyclist’s body was in such bad condition after the wreck that toxicology may never get done.

I’m looking at this scene, and it looks to me like the truck ran the stop sign to hit the bike. Pickup strikes boy on bike Notice the stop sign, and the stop bar on the road. The truck driver failed to yield to traffic on the sidewalk before entering the intersection, but they blame the kid riding the bicycle instead.

Cyclists in West Canuckistan warn of terrorists on the roads. Cyclists warn of aggressive drivers What, you think there is a difference between the two?

This is advertised as an e-assist bike? The VEXA500 Provides Commuters With the Most Affordable, Feature-Packed eBike on the Market Do those pedals even connect to the rear wheel?

And former Championship Auto Race Teams (CART) driver who lost his legs in a terrible racing wreck becomes a World Champion Handcyclist. 2015 UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships: Behind the scene with Alex Zanardi

I’m tired and I hurt, and I need to get up in 5 hours to go to the doctor. bye

Billed @€0.02, Opus the Unkillable Badass Poet

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