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Real Life™ may interfere with blogging, and the Feed

I have to go help people with the alarm system at church tonight, so I will probably get interrupted composing the post tonight. Check that, I will definitely be interrupted while composing the post tonight. The cold front has moved on and we are dealing with normal late-August temperatures and humidity again, but we managed to get a morning low of 75°F before the cold air moved out. I’m still whittling on the raw stock to make the donor stem fit better in the extended stem for Francis/es. The RPG group will be playing Shadowrun instead of Kinky D&D tomorrow. And that concludes the daily life summary. And I’m back, the “interruption” turned into a “make Opus work” session and I didn’t get back to my computer until 2300, so this post probably won’t see the light of internet until some time around 0300 or later. Bleah! BTW I managed to run over my roes with a 2-wheel dolly that had about 500 pounds of desk sitting on it. Nothing broken, but I have a toe that looks pretty ugly now.

The Big Story today is the Ozzy driver going to jail for hitting a group of 7 cyclists from behind. NSW cyclist smasher sent to jail and Eastlakes cyclist crash: Driver Thomas Kerr jailed for 18 months this, too Thomas Kerr sentenced over cyclist crash I’m sure he was all broken up about the wreck, particularly with what he was attributed as saying at the wreck scene, after his vehicle had been disabled from so many impacts with cyclists and bicycles. He blamed the cyclists for being in front of him back them, now he “doesn’t remember” the wreck. Well he has at least 18 months to think about it now.

Next story is also from Oz, about the Danish cyclist hit by a truck making a left turn across her lane of travel. Family of cyclist Rebekka Meyer hopes truck changes will save lives and Cyclist Rebekka Meyer inquest: Cycling boss slams council on safety on last day also Cyclist death: Rebekka Meyer’s foot may have slipped off pedal The blind spot mentioned in the first link works out the same as the “25 feet” we have for the same kind of vehicle here in the states. The fact that they won’t change the light phasing because it will cause delays to the killer vehicles says volumes about the people in charge of “safety” in that town.

Another multi link story from South Africa. Cyclist, motorcyclist killed in crash and ‘Cyclist shouldn’t have been on M3’ I see that they have built massive rivers of motor vehicles, but not provided ways to cross or bypass these rivers. That is why they have “problems” with cyclists and pedestrians trying to cross or travel along these rivers of cars.

After all that, we need something not about dead cyclists. Such a Clatter How about noisy ones instead? 😉

Our Daily Ted is pretty good today. Morning Links: A reminder to always ride with water, and why drivers continue to flee following crashes

Des Moines cyclists turn out in droves and bad weather for one of their own. #RideForWade garners support for cyclist killed by drunken driver One of the things that has me puzzled is how he bought the vehicle he used to kill the cyclist. Don’t they check to see if the person buying the car is legally allowed to have a car?

Instead of getting life in prison that she deserves for the murder of a cyclist, affluenza “victim” Alexandra Ellis will only spend 1 year and 10 days behind bars. Ellis sentenced to 3 years, 2 suspended, for death of cyclist Dusenbury Yep, shoulda been digging a new cell under the jail for this brat.

More on the NE wreck outside the town that has my favorite mail-order speed shop. Cyclist in fatal Lincoln crash identified Well at least we know his name now. If he worked for my favorite mail-order speed shop he was only 15 minutes from work.

They think they might know the name of the driver who killed a MI cyclist only 2 miles into a 150 mile charity ride. ‘Charging decision’ in hit-and-run that killed bicyclist expected soon That’s another one that needs to learn how to live underground.

Today is just my day for hit-and-run, ain’t it? Shelton police seek hit and run driver If you recognise the vehicle in the picture the contact data is in the link.

A young cyclist riding with his family is hit with a killing machine. Boy on bike injured after being hit by car in Hyannis Nothing on the mode of the wreck, just that he was riding with his family.

Still in MA, more on the doctor killed with a semi truck in a right hook. Cyclist killed in Back Bay memorialized, mourned

A cyclist right hooked in MT actually got to see his assailant issued a summons for failing to yield the right of way. Bicyclist injured in collision with truck

Hearing about a LA wreck brings bad memories of a VT wreck to this editor. BIDDLE DUKE: BIKE ACCIDENT DREDGES UP MEMORIES OF TRAGEDY

A low-information wreck report from Bermuda. Cyclist Injured In Collision With Car Aside from a few details about the victim the headline was the report, wasn’t it?

Aside from the cyclist surviving this one, I really don’t see how this wreck in Jolly Olde could have been much worse. Hit and run driver moves unconscious cyclist’s bike out of the way before driving off Hit-and-run drivers who don’t kill can stay in the regular prison, not the pit underneath it, except this guy.

They actually rate how crappy their infrastructure is in the UK. Cambridge junction listed as Britain’s ‘second worst’ cycling accident blackspot Well, isn’t that special?

They labeled and signed a UK bike route as “traffic-free” and then turned a bunch of trucks loose on it. Fears cyclists could be killed on busy Portsmouth route to commercial property So instead of doing something about the truck traffic, they took the signs down.

Back in Oz, apparently hitting 7 cyclists that lived is much worse than killing a single cyclist. Driver given community service over death of cyclist at Tarro Community fucking service for killing a human being. TANJ!

Since the crappy infrastructure was part of the reason the driver in the above link got away with murder, cyclists are demanding better infrastructure. Call to improve bike safety on St Kilda Road, Melbourne’s boulevard of broken bones

Scientists working on a new battery chemistry make a serendipitous mistake. Forgetful scientists accidentally quadruple lithium-ion battery lifespan This could result in really practical EV including e-assist bikes.

And last link gets typed in at 0430, maybe I need to change my desk. Bicycle Desks: Better Than the Gym

I’m done, I’m not proofing this for typoes, I’m not even tagging it. I have been up since 0900 yesterday and I’m getting a little fuzzy around the edges of my brain.