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Grocery day now with money, and the Feed

I’m sipping a Starbucks Toasted Latte right now, because someone loaded $5 on my Starbucks card for my B-Day and I didn’t discover it until last night. I’m also eating pretzels because the check finally came through and I can afford the “luxury” of salty snacks again. I need to go back to the store again tomorrow because I forgot to take enough $ out to get the cheap soda and there’s some stuff that is only on sale on Friday.

Up first this HPV will gladden the heart of any 2-4 YO. This Ice Cream Pedal Car Will Make Your Kid Twice As Happy The vehicle does not come OEM with a carrier for frozen treats, but a crafty type dad or mom could use insulation board to make one in the bed behind the driver and use dry ice to keep it cold just like they did back in the days this vehicle is modeled after.

Court cases today, more on the drunk driver who went on the wrong side of the road and killed a man. Pardo’s defense attacks police work in cyclist’s death Note to the investigating officer, in wrecks like this there is usually (but not every time) a skid mark from the cyclist’s front tire hitting the car that shows the point of impact, about 3-6″ long.

Other case, the driver that was going the wrong way on Fiesta Island and plowed into a group of cyclists leaving one permanently crippled is finally on trial. Trial begins for driver who barreled through Fiesta Island cyclists The defense attorney is doing his best to spin this as “just an accident”, but the evidence is pretty damning.

Just a few miles away a cyclist is gender profiled and accused of stealing his own bike. Coronado police officer harasses Navy Sailor for riding own bicycle See shit like this is one of the reasons why I joined the HRC. Nobody should get harassed because of the color bike he (or she) rides. NOBODY!

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: The Cannibal comes to Culver City, San Fran debates stop signs, and ride the coast with Calbike I would love to do that Calbike ride, but there are two things stopping me: Money to pay for the ride and get there, and I still can’t ride a bike more than a block without taking my helmet off so I can see where I’m riding.

I’m not the only one who thinks the bike lane NIMBYs need a shrink. Late Late Show’s James Corden Opens Fire on Coronado Bike NIMBY’s “We will ride side by side down the bike lane of Justice! Yes! Pedalling ever forward towards a glorious future, because they may take our bike lanes, but they will never take our freedom, to ride in those bike lanes.”

Still working the Stoopid in CA meme. To Tackle Anti-Bike Bias, SFPD Must Start With Knowledge of Traffic Laws Their “expert” still didn’t know the law. facepalm

Another “veering” cyclist is killed. Bicyclist dies after being struck by truck near Cuesta College The cyclist went straight but the driver felt he should have gone right, so he “veered” in front of the driver. Please reference the “facepalm” link above.

A driver gets charge with a crime for hitting a cyclist in CA? Manteca Driver Charged in Fatal Car vs. Bike Crash Misdemeanor homicide… Could you at least TRY?

Another cyclist hit near San Diego, is it something in the water? Teen bicyclist injured in Escondido crash Another cyclist is blamed for running the red, when the driver was the only one questioned at the scene. When was the last time you heard of a driver admitting to running a red light? Especially when someone (else) got hurt? /s

At first I thought this was a TX wreck, but this one was in CA also. Bicyclist injured after driving into car in Beaumont This was either a salmon cyclist, or a left cross. Since there was nothing about the cyclist being in the wrong lane I’m going to go with left cross.

Moving way to the east, more on the driver who ran over 5 pedestrians on a NYC sidewalk. Livery Cab Jumped Bronx Sidewalk This Morning, Striking Group Of PedestriansNo charges? Fuck you very much, NYPD.” and No Charges Yet For Off-Duty Uber Driver Who Jumped Curb & Ran Over Pedestrians Seriously NYPD, if you can’t find something, ANYTHING, to charge this guy with then you are not even trying. For crying out loud, he broke the left front suspension when he jumped the curb, you can see the tire pointed at the camera if you do a frame-by-frame as the car comes into frame. That takes a fair rate of knots, far in excess of the posted speed limit.

Is your commute optimal for your health, according to scientists? The Best Ways to Get to Work, According to Science I would say that from the above paragraph, Uber is not the best.

Would this work, or be legal? Make an example of Heather Cook My personal take is have her stand in front of a semi doing about 60 MPH with an armored front bumper. Let the semi miss her but be close enough for the bow wave to knock her ass over tea kettle while blowing the air horn. Rinse and repeat as required.

A pedestrian is killed and a cyclist gravely injured in IN. Woman killed, man critical after two separate crashes in Fishers In the picture of the bike wreck scene the head and tailights are both clearly visible shining on the road. This is another case of “didn’t see” = “didn’t look”.

An assumed drunk cyclist is killed the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike> Bicyclist dead after accident in Pinellas Park I still don’t see how centerpunching the cyclist with the truck was trying to avoid hitting him… but still don’t ride drunk, especially at 1600.

A little infrastructure news from AZ. PHOENIX PUSHES BICYCLISTS TO AVOID DEATH AND INJURY BY RIDING WITH TRAFFIC FLOW It was just a short time to be “official” but it’s still killing people to ride against traffic, because bicycles are not pedestrians. Pedestrians can side-step over a curb to get away from oncoming cars, cyclists just have to watch them hit.

More infrastructure news from AZ. Dangers of riding a bike in Tucson They keep blming cyclists rof not wearing helmets in wrecks that would not be survivable with one… TANJ!

Cyclist hit in NC. Cyclist struck, injured in Jacksonville Old guy in the crosswalk connecting the bike path segments on either side of a highway. As of this posting nobody was blaming the cyclist for anything, so maybe the driver failed to obey the crossing signal, or the law requiring vehicles yield to occupied crosswalks?

Moving a bit north of there a VA cyclist is injured in a hit-and-run. Cyclist hit by vehicle in Ashburn; driver flees scene I betcha had the driver been sober and remained at the scene there would have been no to minimal charges, but running from an injury wreck is a felony in VA. I wonder what the “false report” charge is about, faking a stolen car maybe?

Cyclist down in the Great White North. Amherstburg cyclist injured after getting hit by minivan Another “didn’t see” wreck of a lighted and reflectorized cyclist.

UK cyclists say it’s only a matter of time before crap infrastructure becomes killer infrastructure. Metrolink must make tram routes safer for cyclists ‘before someone dies’, say campaigners Wrecks have already caused injury when trams were not impending, at this point it’s just when instead of if a cyclist gets hit by a tram after getting stuck in the tracks and falling off.

“Hey see how great our infrastructure is?” 72 fewer killed or seriously injured on North East Lincolnshire roads “Our roads are so great we’re going to stop working to make them any safer.”

Last link is about a folding e-assist bike. Gi FlyBike: The first electric bike that folds in one second The Power Assist Yahoo group are convinced the hinge will fail on a full-sized American rider.

That’s it, I’m so tired I can barely see so I’m just going to check that the links are right and call it a night.

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