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Late start on a long day blogging and the Feed

I had to run errands this morning and go get my toes done this afternoon so I could spend more time on my feet this week. Tomorrow Mrs. the Poet and I will be going to the State Fair of Texas and doing lots of walking, then Wednesday and Thursday I will be volunteering for an HRC event “Out and Equal”. That adds up to a lot of time on my feet for the next three days. It also means that Tomorrow’s post will be late too, and there is a good chance that there will be no posts Wednesday or Thursday.

Up first, he’s GUILTY! Pardo guilty of manslaughter in cyclist’s death Now he’s going to get at least 2½ years behind bars.

According to Cyclelicious we have a repeat offender in this wreck. Male Bicyclist Suffers Major Head Injuries After Riding Into Vehicle in Hope Ranch and Timeline of events When I filtered the link, there were two pictures of the weapon vehicle there, now there aren’t any which makes comparing the two vehicles moot. The description of the wreck sounds fishy, especially with the report that there was no stop sign on the cyclist’s street for the cyclist to have run. What else did they get wrong?

Still in CA we get another hit-and-run. Anniversaries of Hit-and-Run Deaths Mark Time but Not Healing The guy was in and back out of jail before the second anniversary of the wreck…

This is just so wrong. MAN ON BICYCLE KILLED AFTER COLLIDING WITH SUV IN FRESNO COUNTY This is what is so wrong about the wreck,”‘I think this accident could’ve been avoided if the bicyclist was off the paved portion of the road way and on the dirt shoulder,’ said Sgt. Mike Trenholm, CHP.” No, it could have been prevented if the driver had complied with the Basic Speed Law and not driven faster than he could stop in the distance he could see clearly. But lights and reflectors would definitely help in letting the driver see the bike.

Still in CA but a change of pace, here is our Daily Ted. Morning Links: One year in jail for killer of OC cyclist Vinh Tran, LASD searching for Cudahy hit-and-run driver

Not done with CA yet. CHP: Cyclist killed in hit-and-run crash in Rio Linda The cyclist was just barely in the road alongside his wife, who was walking, when he was hit from behind.

Finally done with CA we move on to LA. Woman dies in bike accident in Iberville Parish Even though there was no time of day stated for the wreck, LEO are blaming the victim for not having lights on the bike. WTF?!? Either a headlight or taillight would prevent the wreck depending on which direction the wreck was from, but blaming the victim for not having lights and a helmet without releasing the information on How those would have been a factor in preventing the wreck is just libeling the victim.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike we have a survivor. Child struck by car while riding bike in Miramar Beach The narrative of the wreck states that neither one knew the othre was there until the cyclist came to the end of the driveway and out from behind the hedge directly in front of the weapon vehicle.

Wreck near BAHstahn. Woman on bicycle hit by truck, dies Nothing mentioned about how the wreck happened, just that it did and the cyclist died. There was originally more to the link, but now this is all that remains. I’m not going to post what I saw when I filtered this link because I now feel this was erroneous information.

First of two links out of UT. Cyclist injured in Davis County highway crash We have another SWSS wreck. Without seeing the crime scene and both the vehicles involved I can’t conclusively state the driver’s statement is full of donkey dust, but I smell an ass in the story.

Second link two cyclists are hit in an intersection by a red-light running driver. Woman dies, husband critically injured in bicycle crash with car If the directions of travel are correct, the cyclists crossed more than halfway across the very wide street before they got hit, meaning the driver ran a red that may have been red for more than 30 seconds. The driver should be in jail.

Not sure if these two links are the same wreck or if there were two hit-and-run wrecks in Indy over the weekend. Bicyclist killed in Eastside hit-and-run and UPDATE: Cyclist struck, killed by hit-and-run vehicle identified The second link has been updated and both links are about the same wreck. At this point the only thing they know about the wreck is the victim and he was riding a bicycle. The picture in the second link shows an almost undamaged bike with lots of blood on the street. I think the lethal injuries were caused by a buzz job as that would perfectly explain the lethal injuries and almost no damage to the bicycle.

A PA sheriff has something that would prevent wrecks like the one in the paragraph above. Montgomery County Sheriff promotes bike safety PA somehow managed to pass a 4 feet to pass law and get it by a GOP governor.

Meanwhile in MI. Sheriff: Van driver not at fault in bicycle fatality If I’m reading this right the driver moved over enough to get more than 3 feet of clearance for where the cyclist was positioned on the road, but bad pavement caused the cyclist to be suddenly thrown to the left (and removed a portion of the bike tire tread in the process). The 15 YO driver was operating on a learner’s permit and had an adult in the vehicle at the time of the wreck. This is one of the main reasons why cyclists need good pavement as bad as drivers, because bad pavement can kill and cyclists already have to look three directions at once just to avoid getting run over by cars.

Another cyclist is hit-and-run in ID. 1 cyclist injured in a hit-and-run accident in Nampa The weapon vehicle left enough evidence behind that they know the make, model, color, and license plate. And there was no way the driver did not know he or she had hit a cyclist as the bike was “lodged in the passenger side of” the van.

A cyclist is injured in the Great White North. Cyclist injured when hit by car in Bayers Lake This close to the Equinox there is still good light at 1400 even that far north a driver making a left turn should be able to see a cyclist if they are looking for a cyclist.

Meanwhile in Canuckistan. Senior seriously hurt riding bike in alleged hit-and-run There is no “alleged” here, whoever hit the cyclist left the scene. Now when they find the driver he will be alleged to have been the one who left the scene. But the fact that the driver did not remain at the scene is not “alleged”.

First of many links from Jolly Olde is not so jolly. Van driver jailed for Alan Cronin cyclist death crash Not as good as could be hoped, but better than usually obtained.

And the first of our links from road.cc. 89 year old driver receives community sentence for his part in death of cycling father I’m still trying to wrap my head around “community service” for killing another human being, but apparently the driver did not directly kill the cyclist but only started a chain of events tha led to the cyclist’s death. The actual weapon vehicle was driven by another person who was tried separately.

And our second road.cc link. London cyclist critically injured in HGV crash and another link to the same wreck Old Street cycle crash: Woman, 52, fights for life as Tesco lorry driver arrested over collision HGV turning left hooks the cyclist who lost a leg in the wreck. Wishing the cyclist a quick rehabilitation.

Since they are not calling this a hit-and-run as I filtered it, I’m assuming the cyclist did not pedal off. Pedestrian seriously injured in collision with cyclist in Westminster In spite of what the comments said…

Cyclist advocate groups in Scotland try to get the laws changed so that they can get compensated in wrecks in a more timely manner. Insurers are anti-cyclist says campaign group and Strict liability to protect cyclists and pedestrians

Another hit-and-run, this time in Oz. Cyclist injured in hit and run at Toolern Vale That sounds almost like the driver tried to hit the cyclist on purpose.

Still more Oz hit-and-run action. Police hunt for driver after cyclist injured in callous hit-run crash

Justice in Enn Zed as a driver who almost killed a cyclist pleads guilty just before the start of the trial. Award-winning architect Andrew Patterson pleads guilty after his SUV pinned cyclist and left him crushed

Last link, use lights, lots of lights. Legally Speaking with Bob Mionske: Autumn lights

It is now 0319. Good morning and I’m going to be without tagging or proofing the post because I have to be up in less than 6 hours.

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