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It was a good session last night, and the Feed

The character creation session last night went well. I’m going to be playing a human fighter of immense strength, middling-to-high dexterity, middling Con, enough wisdom and intelligence to not stick a fork in an electric socket, and base level Charisma (dogs won’t bite him on sight, but neither will they come up and lick him on the face). His name is Fluke, and he hails from a fishing village with a historical fighting style that makes his Great Sword as fluid and flowing as any light weapon. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Up first because I’m getting page crashes and have to get rid of some open tabs is an update on the crazy guy hacking a jogger to death on the White Rock Trail interrupted by a cyclist on the trail. Former Texas A&M receiver admits to machete attack that killed jogger Yeah I’m gonna say this guy is proabably crazy. Bedbug crazy.

I’m going to put Our Daily Ted here because we have a buttload of links to a L.A. cyclist’s murder and I want to put Ted in first. Morning Links: Don’t confront angry drivers, salmon cyclist injured in Boyle Heights, near miss in OC, and CicLAvia! As you can see, Ted has a link to the same murder.

And the links to the murder. Police Search for Driver Who May Have Intentionally Struck Bicyclist Near USC and Driver Purposefully Ran Over And Killed Cyclist Near USC, Witness Says also this Cyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run in Exposition Park Area Near USC There was an argument about right of way, then the driver used his vehicle as a weapon and killed the cyclist. When they find this guy I hope they crush the vehicle, with him still in it.

Another US story with lots of links is the truck driver that ran over a cyclist in NYC. Truck Driver Who Killed Queens Cyclist Tested Positive For Cocaine and Cyclist struck and killed by truck in Queens still more NYPD: Miller Place man high in accident that killed bicyclist in Queens At least now we know what it takes to get charged in NYC after killing a cyclist, a little Columbian Marching Powder in the bloodstream.

Multiple links to an AL cyclist getting hit from behind. Salem cyclist killed in Lee County crash and Cyclist killed after being hit by a car in Lee County

Cyclist hit in KY. 13-year-old cyclist struck, hospitalized in Independence and Teen Bicyclist Injured In Accident With SUV SWSS wreck, point of impact was on the shoulder but the driver claimed the cyclist swerved left in front of him just as the driver swerved left to avoid him, so how did the cyclist get hit on the shoulder of the road? Which appears to be maybe a foot wide BTW.

While we are on a string of reports with multiple links, we got one from West Canuckistan. Man charged in Coquitlam hit-and-run that injured cyclist and Impaired charge laid in cyclist hit-and-run on Mary Hill Bypass also Charges laid in 2014 hit-and-run that left cycling bus driver with ‘life-changing’ injuries Dude hasn’t left his bed since the wreck.

This one from the UK just makes me want to hit something, hard. Chris Dennehy cycle death: Lorry driver given suspended jail term and Suspended sentence for lorry driver who reached for phone and killed cyclist Grab a phone and take your eyes off the road and kill a person is No Big Thing as long as the person in question is “just a cyclist”. TANJ!

Next state over from WoaB. Mandeville cyclist injured in collision with pickup; rider and driver cited The initial report was that the cyclist was hit waiting on a red light, but for some reason LEO believed the driver’s story over the cyclist’s.

Paging Danny Macaskill, Danny Macaskill you are needed in NYC. [UPDATE] Cops Go Ahead & Paint Parking Space Numbers Over Brooklyn Bike Lane That does it. I pronounce a curse on the NYPD, that one of theirs dies violently for every cyclist killed. I swear this curse by the Lady Ghisallo. You obviously don’t give a fuck about our lives, we have officially stopped caring about yours.

Someone left the dumpings from their stock pot in a bike lane. [Update] Police Investigate Pile Of Bones Found In East Village Bike Lane Seriously can’t people tell at a glance what beef bones (especially cooked beef bones) look like anymore?

Building more bike lanes for NYPD to block? DOT Backpedals On Williamsburg Bike Lane Expansion The transportation wizards in CB1 don’t want NYPD parking in their neighborhood. Or they just hate cyclists as bad as the NYPD does.

[Double-handed facepalm] You See A Bike Lane, Harlem Cops See A Perfect Spot To Throw Garbage

The Fat Guy Across America ride made it to NYC Fat Guy Across America You know you’re A-List material when you get endorsed by the Naked Cowboy.

Could someone tell me what chapter and verse says Gawd wants you to park in the street in front of His house? Church opposes DC’s proposed bike lane because ‘rights of religious freedom’ and D.C. church says a bike lane would infringe upon its constitutional ‘rights of religious freedom’ I have a “solution”: Let them have their parking in front of the church, but put K rails across both ends of the block every Sunday with just enough space between the end and the curb for the bike lane.

Update on the Va Tech student killed riding a bike. Funeral arrangements made for VT student killed while riding bicycle

Cyclist hit in GA. Jackson County boy injured when bicycle and SUV collide on roadway

Cyclist is left crossed in IA. Cyclist from rural Dubuque injured in collision with vehicle in Dubuque LEO even wrote the driver a ticket.

Another driver just blindly crosses the sidewalk looking for cars in the street and hitting the person in the sidewalk. Police Identify Man Killed In Bicycle vs. Car Accident It was NOT an “accident”. This could have been prevented had the driver made one last look at the freaking sidewalk before hitting the gas. Instead a man is dead because a driver couldn’t be bothered to look where the multi-ton death machine was going before hitting the gas pedal.

Cyclist hit-and-run in CO. Cyclist injured in Boulder County hit-and-run They have a witness that can ID the driver that stopped and talked to.

Infrastructure problems in OR. Weyerhaeuser enforcing gravel road permits amid confusion over public right-of-way The big problem is those were open to the public until last year so many are still marked as regular roads on area maps and GPS receivers.

A killer driver who murdered a cyclist gets a 6 year sentence in the Great White North. UPDATE: Yesno gets six year prison sentence for role in crash that killed cyclist TANJ! again! Six years for hunting down and running into a cyclist so hard the victim bounced off a building is BS!

Te family of a cyclist killed by a right hook seek answers in the Great White North. ‘Something has to be done’: Family of dead Halifax cyclist speak out on road safety I suggest making passing a cyclist and then turning before clearing the cyclist a misdemeanor if the cyclist survives without permanent injury, a felony if the cyclist is permanently injured or died.

Fat City wants to give someone else the title. The Fat City That Declared War On Obesity And this from the state that just a few years ago practically declared war on bicycles?

Interesting, the redder the state politically, the higher chance you will die from a car wreck. The Geography of Car Deaths in America

And it is 0450 as I type this. I’m going to be for a couple of hours.

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