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Watching another Sprint Cup race on Wreck-Free Sunday

I’m watching the race from Kansas Speedway. It has been good so far with few wrecks, some wheel to wheel racing, but mostly follow the leader. There is a chance of another fuel economy race with JJ staying out to trap some of the Chase contenders a lap down after they stopped under green right before a caution for a blown tire and a car into the wall. Now Kenseth and Logano are going at it, with Kenseth looking to win his way into the next round of the Chase and Logano trying to win and force Kenseth to get in on points. And now Logano just did the bump and run on Kenseth when Kenseth pulled a block on him. Kenseth got sideways and is no longer in the running for the win which means he will have to win next week at Talladega. Whoo boy! And Logano blows another rear tire celebrating the win… just like last week.

So, that was a race. The last few laps were something. Now I can’t wait for ‘dega next week. There are 5 drivers who “must” win to make it through to the next round, the 4 below the cutoff in the points and the guy who might get bumped if one of the 4 drivers below the cutoff wins the race.

So, I have been looking at donor kits for making a Mini-me Sprint-T (I may turn the fiberglass body of the full-size version into a hot tub if I can’t make a real car out of it). I found a donor kit with the right engine and transmission. I will need to get a quick-change rear and scratch a frame, but I would have to scratch build a frame anyway model or full-size. The frame would be a mix of 1/16” square and round plastic stock that would replicate the frame on the full-size Sprint-T.

I can use the front axle pretty much as it comes in the kit, the shocks I can turn into big body inverted coilovers with the addition of springs and a shock shaft that replaces the bottom half of the shock. I might be able to use the trailer axle to build a straight axle for the car, or I might cut the axle at the kingpins and use 0.08″ round stock to make a scale straight axle, should I decide I want a bit more scale appearance.

The one thing I’m having no success at finding is a 1/25 or 1/24 scale power steering pump, because none of the kits I have seen for T-buckets have PS. I’ll need to add that in when I build the model, because there is no way I’ll be able to turn the steering wheel on the real thing at the 1:6 steering ratio I need for SCCA Solo racing. That would be a touch twitchy for street driving if I hadn’t had lots of practice being steady on my recumbents.

Well even breaking this post composition into two parts with evening service looking up non-existent parts has just wiped out the time, so I will go ahead and publish this now.

PSA, Opus the Poet