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You won’t believe why the post is late, and the Feed

I had D&D this afternoon, which did not materially alter the filtering, but after that I was supposed to be interviewing for that modelling gig. The meeting was supposed to be at a local coffeeshop because the offices for this place are in a location that is not even close to public transit. I was supposed to meet with them at 1830, so I got there a bit early because that’s when the bus let me off, bought a large hot tea, and sat down out front to wait for about an hour, with no contact from the agency about the meeting. I sent them a text that I was going home and caught the bus home. As I was getting off the bus I got a response to my last text. They had been in a production meeting with a client for another account and it went way late, they had just gotten all my texts, and they were about an hour away from the coffeeshop if I wanted to go back. Long(er) story short(er), the next time the photographer would be able to talk to me was next week at the same time the meeting was set for today. I’m not sure I want to take this gig, but I really need the money since the clicks and the per-click payments have both dropped like a rock over the last year.

First up is Our Daily Ted, part 1. Morning Links: Stephany convicted of 2nd degree murder, KCRW can’t find bike riders to discuss Mobility Plan

Daily Ted, part 2. West Covina bicyclist killed in (alleged) drunken late-night hit-and-run

Daily Ted, part 3. Bike rider killed in Carson when shipping container falls off flatbed truck

Still in CA is another link to the wreck mentioned in part 2. Midnight bike rider killed in West Covina hit-and-run Nothing on the mode of the wreck, so we have to assume that there was nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid the drunk driver.

Left cross wreck kills another CA cyclist. Bicyclist killed in crash identified The available evidence says there was nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck.

Still in CA we have another cyclist shot. Redlands police investigating shooting that injured a man on a bicycle

More on the OH cyclist shooting death. Friends and neighbors express disbelief over murder of 60-year-old Akron bicyclist ‘Mr. Mike’ So far this appears to be a random shooting that didn’t target the cyclist for anything other than being there at the wrong time.

More on that NJ hit-and-run. Authorities ID bicyclist killed in Rockaway crash

Detroit is changing from the Motor City to the Bicycle City. Why Bike Commuting Is Taking Off In The Nation’s Car Capital Part of what is happening is the city is contracting as most of the car-making jobs get off-shored so they are more or less getting rid of the excess city and rebuilding it as a bicycle-friendly city.

Can Atlanta leverage cycling to keep the world from burning up? Mayor Kasim Reed Plans To Attend Paris Climate Talks There is a reason they call it “Hot-lanta”.

Cyclist killed in the Chicagoland. 60-Year-Old Portage Park Cyclist Killed in West Humboldt Park Crash Both vehicles had a stop sign at the intersection, basic logic says the weapon vehicle must have run its stop sign because of the level of the injuries suffered by the cyclist. They both might have run the stop signs, but the motor vehicle running it caused the death.

Another hit-and-run in the Great White North. Cyclist injured in Innisfil hit-and-run Not only did the driver of the weapon vehicle leave the scene, but so did potential witnesses.

Jolly Olde really ain’t so jolly. City cycling is too risky for me, says police chief Now why might riding in a city be “too dangerous” for a hardened police veteran to undertake? That leads us into our next paragraph.

Cycle death case handling ‘may need to change’ and “Very strong case for change” in way cycling death cases handled says ex-Crown Prosecution head There is not enough investigations of wrecks, not enough prosecutions when there is an investigation, and not enough convictions when there is prosecution, and sentences are not robust enough when there is a conviction, to make drivers afraid of hitting a cyclist or pedestrian. At the end of the day you’re more likely to go to jail for a minor offense like holding pot, than for killing another human being while driving.

More debate about the Idaho Stop. Should cyclists be allowed to run red lights? Or should we call it the Paris Stop in the EU?

First-person of a cyclist getting right hooked by a driver that failed to signal. Headcam footage captures the dramatic moment a cyclist smashes into the front wing of a car and goes flying – while overtaking it as it is turning right

Last link is from Oz. John Thompson-Mills: How the new cyclist overtaking laws affect all road users

That’s all I got except for a serious case of the “Tireds”. I’m not even going to tag this one except “too tired to tag”.

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