Daily Archives: November 8, 2015

We have new family members on a Wreck-Free Sunday

We picked up two new members of the family this morning.

Meet Clint.

And this is Clyde.

Clint and Clyde are rescue kittens hand-raised after their feral momma cat either abandoned them or got killed. They are litterbox trained and almost totally on solid food now and very playful but also very affectionate. They are currently getting used to their new home so they are sleeping behind the washing machine. They were trying to hide behind the toilet when I took the picture.

I found a picture of a professionally built version of one of the kits I want to use to build the Mini Sprint-T.

Whoops, hit the wrong button there. Everything from here on down is edit after posting.

Anywho, the kit has what I consider a “placeholder” engine (430 cu. in. Lincoln from the early ’60s) and basically I’m only getting it for the body, which I’m going to use to pull a mold for a vacu-formed shell to put on a scratch-built chassis with the “right” engine. I might use the kit front and rear axles for the Mini Sprint-T with the rear especially appropriate.

Oh yeah, there was a barn-burner of a race going on down the road a bit from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Jimmie Johnson is seriously disrupting the Chase for the Cup by winning the Texas round of the Chase, preventing a Chaser from locking in to the Final Four. That means 2 drivers are going to have to get in on points.

I have to write a second post tonight because I am doing the sermon next Sunday so I will wind this up and go to evening services before I come back and write my sermon.

PSA, Opus