Daily Archives: November 15, 2015

My sermon was a big hit on a Wreck-Free Sunday

The sermon published in the last post went over well today, mostly because of an audible I pulled in the middle, opening up the floor to discussion after the paragraph full of questions before the offering. I tried to steer the discussion away from reminiscing about dead people repeatedly, but there were some of those that were pertinent to the subject. Overall the service went well with everybody paying attention to the videos during the service.

The Sprint Cup race out of Phoenix had a huge rain delay, they should have been finished before I left for evening service, but they were just starting engines when I got back from evening service. They are running through a series of green-flag pit stops so I’ll wait a few to say who’s leading. And after all the stops it looks like Harvick got out in front again, just past the halfway point.

While I’m waiting on the Sprint Cup race to be decided, I’m still working on the Sprint-T and the Mini Sprint-T. Like I posted last week, I found a place that does 3D printing for $50 a month and the cost of filament needed to make the parts, for as many as you want. I just have to get a 3D file for the Wilwood Starlight5 hub (the one with the 8 bolt drive flange) for the printer to use so I’ll have the hubs I want for the real car on the model. Anyone have a .dwg file for the outside of that hub?

And NASCAR just declared the race official after yet another rain delay, Junior won, and they have 3 Chevys and one Toyota in the Final 4. There was a chance for 2 Chevys and 2 Toyotas, but Carl Edwards was not far enough in front of Martin Truax. Nothing against Truax, in fact I really wanted him to still be in the Chase in Homestead. I just didn’t want to see that many Chevys in the Final 4, and I didn’t want to have no Fords in the Chase. If I had my ‘druthers, I would have had 1 Chevy, one Ford, and 2 Toyotas in the Chase next week only because Dodge dropped out of Cup racing a couple of years ago and Toyota has never won a Cup Manufacturer’s Championship or Driver’s Cup.

And it’s getting late so I’m putting this to bed and then me.

PSA, Opus