I’m stuffed (with food), happy Turkey Day!

There were 9 different pies at the feast my daughter and son-in-law hosted at their McMansion in Corinth TX, plus other foods (2 hams, turkey prepared 3 different ways, 2 variations of green bean casserole, plates of raw veggies with dips, tortillas wrapped around cream cheese and jalapeño peppers, and 4 different kinds of pickles). I was unable to sample all of the pies, particularly after trying to cover my plate with “healthy” choices (any other day of the year these would not have been considered healthy, but given the alternatives…). But I managed to sample 3 of them before they disappeared.

Beyond the feast I still have much to be thankful for: A roof over my head that can’t be taken away, heat and AC as appropriate, and enough food even if it isn’t always to my preference. Broadband internet. Eventually being able to ride my bike when I finally get my neck rehabbed. Kittens. A beautiful wife and grown children.

And a blog where I can reach a few people and make a small difference. I may get down in the dumps sometimes about my reach, but I get to people who can make a difference, so I’m going to accept quality over quantity.

PSA, Opus


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