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I had another stitch let loose during filtering, and the Feed

I thought all the stitches holding the neck muscles down has dissolved months ago, but it felt like one let go while I was finishing up filtering a little while ago. I had that familiar “popping” sensation in my neck with the sharp pain that I have come to associate with stitches coming loose from previous operations. And just like all the other times I had a stitch come loose the sensation was gone in a few seconds. This one felt a little off from where it should have been, this one was just outside the edge of Arthur Dent that was left when Chris Christie was removed back in May. I also had that sensation of my head getting pushed forward when the stitch let go.

Also I picked up a few Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comics while I was out yesterday, and they have been a bit of a distraction from people getting maimed and killed on bicycles. That’s kinda important today. The distraction from death and destruction, not the fact that said distraction has delayed the composition of this post. So, umm, you didn’t see that bit, right? Because strikeover OK? 😀

If any of you remember the Five Man Electrical Band you’ll remember a song about signs. See the Signs Gotta love Bikeyface.

Our Daily Ted also has the power to amuse, because nobody is really this stupid IRL, right? They drive among us… This is what stochastic terrorism looks like when it is aimed at you. And the fact that “stochastic” is a word that is in my browser’s spell checker is even sadder than the existence of the person who wrote that article.

There was a great deal of information left out of this article. Driver charged with negligent homicide in cycling teen’s death This is LA, where many LEO consider cyclists getting killed “asking for it” for being on the roads. Major felony charges for killing a cyclist implies there was something else going on. Especially when they go to such lengths to blame the cyclist for his own death in the report.

Because I’m having a hard time deciding which way to present links today, blind NYC residents are frightened by bicycles. Blind New Yorkers fear reckless bicyclists in NYC I hypothesize that blind people fear cyclists because they are relatively silent in their approach and are there before the blind person knows the cyclist is there, startling the blind person. Cars while they are actually more deadly also announce their presence before arrival to some extent which makes them feel safer to blind people.

I’m tempted to ask when it isn’t serious when a cyclist gets hit until I remember that 5 of the 6 times I was hit this century did not require more than minor first aid for me. Police report serious injuries in vehicle vs. bicycle collision The cyclist was riding on the sidewalk when he came to an obstruction and had to go into traffic, another reason why I say sidewalks are not bicycle infrastructure.

One of the cases that lead to drastic changes in FL law finally comes to a close. Two years in prison for Key Biscayne college student who killed cyclist in DUI crash The only reason this waste of human skin was not given the required sentence was the victim’s relatives were soft in the head and said not to.

Update on a November bike wreck in MN. Evan Steeves, Student Injured in Bike Accident, to Be Discharged From Hospital Thursday Glad to hear he’s recovering, not happy to read that aside from some nearly healed scrapes and bruises all his injuries are limited to his TBI which is the HARDEST kind of injury to recover from. Take it from the former dead guy.

And a couple of states to the east another student… Otsego student injured when bike struck by car on the way to school Nothing on the actual mode but I did notice some blame on the driver mainly because the wreck was just outside a school.

wreck in MO. Edwardsville police seeking help in November hit-and-run that seriously injured cyclist The cyclist was hit completely off the road surface… I’m thinking this might have been an attempted murder.

Injury wreck in CO. Cyclist struck by SUV on Ninth Avenue in Longmont As it appears now the weapon vehicle was making an illegal pass when the wreck happened, as the cyclist had to reposition his line to cross the railroad tracks without crashing and the weapon vehicle was obviously trying to share the lane in an unsafe manner.

Cyclists and skateboarders are so rude in CA. /s Cyclists, skateboarders show lack of respect for law And no, that is not the Onion, but the Orion.

What the new transportation bill means for everybody. What New U.S. Transportation Bill Does for Complete Streets Design Since everyone needs to use streets at some time in the day, everyone needs complete streets.

Justice is served in Canuckistan, as hard as that is to believe. Driver pleads guilty to causing crash that injured teen cyclist in Red Deer Guilty on two charges, with one of the lesser charges dropped in the plea bargain. Sentencing in January.

Can’t send a truck driver to jail just for killing a cyclist, wouldn’t be cricket. Chigwell lorry driver who killed cyclist is spared jail I mean after all it was just a cyclist after all, killed because the driver failed to look and signal before turning across the bike lane. TANJ!

On a similar note, why is this driver not in prison for an extended stay? CTC questions why driver who killed cyclist was only sentenced to a curfew and driving ban To recount, this was the driver who was looking at something or someplace else other than out the front of the vehicle for SEVEN FREAKING SECONDS while a cyclist lighted and reflectored and wearing the glow-in-the-dark clown suit with additional lights far beyond the legal requirements was riding down the straight lane all by his lonesome with no oncoming traffic (that anyone noticed, then again the driver missed seeing the cyclist with the lights and reflectors and the glow-in-the-dark clown suit so what was actually on that road…). Do you know how long 7 seconds is? It’s more than a football field at 30 MPH, which is much slower than the driver was going when he killed the cyclist. Again, TANJ! TANJ, AND T.A.N.J!

More on the cyclist killed this week in Oz. Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club cyclist Nicholas Ruygrok dies after collision with car at Maroubra amd Devoted fiance dies in Sydney bike crash also Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club cyclist Nicholas Ruygrok dies after collision with car at Maroubra Experienced cyclist, but on his first ride with a new group after moving to the city, falls down in front of a oncoming car. I say look for tacks in his tires.

How to survive the Netherlands if you don’t ride a bike (humor). How to survive Dutch cyclists

And I’m about to post Thursday’s post at 0501 Friday morning.

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