Grocery Day again, and a somewhat largish Feed

Yay, Food! as some of the things we replenish are the strategic ramen reserves, and yogurt. The kittens decided they really liked plain and vanilla yogurt and they are still young enough to need dairy for another week or so, so we are getting bulk vanilla yogurt and some flavorings for the humans to enjoy it too.

Well after filtering that “largish” feed turned out to be a lot of reports that had the same links and one that had only one link, but the Twitter filter was a mess.

Up first, not only is the accused still being allowed to drive, he’s being allowed to drive the FREAKING WEAPON VEHICLE!!!!!! in this report from the Great White North. Hit-run victim’s family outraged accused can drive again and Deinsberg St-Hilaire, man charged in Andy Nevin hit-and-run, allowed to drive TANJ!

From Twitter, the victim of the hit-and-run at a notorious pinch point was new to Portland and had a map showing that as the safest and most direct route between Work and Home. Why would anyone ride on that scary stretch of Lombard? The map showed a slightly scary route but had nothing on the pinch point that caused a transition from a painted bike lane alongside a high-speed highway to sharing the lane on that highway without warning to either the cyclists or drivers that would have to share it. There is not even so much as a “Share the Road” sign in either direction where the bike lanes stop. Also Remembering Martin Greenough The deceased was a bus driver who cycled for his personal transportation.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: New VR bike lets you pretend to pedal a pony; SoCal group named America’s Best New Bike Club

And Our Daily Ted part 2. Describe Your Ride: A very fast ride home through the San Fernando Valley I had to slow that down to ¼ speed to make out what was going on, kinda sorta.

Still in CA. Bicyclist dies following collision on Marconi Avenue One would think that vehicles would be traveling slowly in the center-turn lane in case they were to meet a vehicle coming from the opposite direction. Again this was a ninja cyclist so car-head dictates that all cyclists are at fault, but seriously, when you ride ninja you have to ride as if you were invisible, because you practically are invisible.

Also in CA is this event. Saturday cycling event honors two injured teens They were hit last summer and are still getting rehab to return to competitive cycling while the driver is still wending his way through the court system. “A court-appointed psychiatrist, Dr. Captane Thomson, has concluded that Houston is incompetent to stand trial, though prosecutors say that determination was made without having viewed the malingering claims.

Infrastructure from the Gateway to The West. “Crazy” St. Louis Junction Gets a Safety Makeover

Moving on to the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, a cyclist is hit from the side by a cement mixer. Cyclist Killed in Collision With Cement Truck: BSO Interesting, that bicycle was hit from the right side on the front end, and then the cyclist died. I wonder what the light phasing is like for that intersection. I’m thinking the cyclist may have been caught by a stale green and not been going fast enough to clear the intersection before the light went green for crossing traffic and the cement mixer thought he would make the green without noticing the the cyclist already in the road. I have had a few lights that would change back to red before I could get across from a standing start.

Also in FloriDUH!
Family mourns cyclist killed on Everglades Boulevard
Hot-from-behind wreck caused by ??? The driver and her husband were both arrested at the scene, for… reasons. I mean the driver left the scene and did not return immediately but went home and got her husband so that’s felony hit-and-run, but then the husband did something stupid and got arrested too.

Wreck in the Great White North. Cyclist critically injured in crash on Leslie near Hwy. 401 in North York Well he got hit and went to hospital, and that’s the extent of our knowledge about the wreck.

Slight justice in the Great White North. Oakville woman sentenced in impaired crash that killed beloved teacher and father of 5 Impaired driver hits and runs leaving a man to die from lack of medical care, and not even 6 years in prison. But considering what usually happens to killer drivers when the “only” kill a cyclist, this was pretty good.

Speaking about what happens to drivers that “only” kill a cyclist, compare this UK sentence for littering to recent deadly crashes for cyclists. Tamworth man charged £385 for dropping cigarette end That’s right he got more fines and court costs for tossing a cigarette butt than many have gotten for killing a cyclist.

Well the comment trolls are all over this wreck in Jolly Olde. Police hunt driver after boy injured in hit-and-run Another case of a cyclist lighted like a Christmas tree and wearing the GITDCS and still getting hit by a driver that will claim he “didn’t see” the cyclist. I like mello84’s comment about it though.

Why do we tolerate sticking a big unprotected pole in the middle of the lane for bicycle infrastructure when streets are supposed to have a 4-50 foot clear zone for drivers to drive through so they don’t damage their cars? Guided busway bollards in Cambridgeshire could be ripped out after cyclist breaks bone I mean seriously, who comes up with this stuff?

And this sounds like a lot of money, until you stop and think this is 2, maybe 3 signalized intersections for cars. New £1.2m Hills Road cycle lane due to be finished next summer – nearly a year later than planned

And it’s late again, so I’m just going to check the links to make sure they’re good and go to bed.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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