Daily Archives: December 27, 2015

I survived the tornado, on Wreck-Free Sunday

If you have been following the news then you know we had tornadoes in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. The one actually inside the city limits was about 5 miles away from Casa de El Poeta. The one that got closest was about a mile away over in Rowlett. That one was an EF3, and we could barely hear it with the tornado sirens going off and Mrs. the Poet, the kittens, and me in the bathroom. And that is as close as I ever want to get to a tornado.

Getting the kittens and Mrs. the Poet into the bathtub was comical, and futile. The kittens’ bed, food dish, and litterbox are in the bathtub in the front bathroom which is also the structurally designated “safe area” in case of tornado. Mrs. the Poet wasn’t as enthusiastic about getting into the tub with the litterbox as the kittens were. To be honest I wasn’t that enthusiastic about getting in the tub either, but as the tornado was not actually at the door we were OK.

Then we had what happened when we tried to get to church this morning. The lady who came to pick us up in the rain this morning lost power steering when she picked us up and thought she was running out of gas. But when she put gas in the car she still didn’t have any power steering. My instincts said “thrown belt” and started looking at the temperature gauge but I got distracted making sure I got all the captures I could on my mobile game. About a mile later the check engine gong went off because the temperature gauge was about to hit the peg. We pulled over and popped the hood and yep, that serpentine belt was laying loose off the front of the engine. So help was summoned while the ritualist at church was called and told to not hold up service. I have to admit I was dressed for inside the church rather than outside so I was mainly trying to stay warm in my shorts and T-shirt with a high wind and a cold rain falling.

And I’m out of stuff to write about.

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