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I spent most of the day on my feet or riding the bus, and the Feed

I was running some errands today, well yesterday/today, since this is getting created after midnight, and my feet and back all hurt. The only thing I can say is I’m getting old. I really need to get one bike running so I can do something about my core strength and not have backaches all the time. Also I miss riding bikes, even ones as cantankerous as Francis/es. I have all the cutting and fitting done, I just need to braze it all together and put it on Francis/es so I can ride it the way a cargo bike is supposed to be ridden, slowly and sedately with panache. Now I look like Quasimodo with half a pickup truck. 😛

Up first, can this really be true? Texas DOT Isn’t Learning From Its Horrific Road Fatalities Calendar This quote: “Texas hasn’t had a day without a traffic fatality in more than 15 years.” yeah.

Apparently it is too great a challenge to get drivers to slow down so they can stop in the distance they can see clearly. Hi-vis paint for New Forest ponies? Yes, you read this right, rather than get drivers to stop hitting the animals they’re going to round them up twice a week and give them a quick spray of neon dye.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: All hands on deck for Expo Line bike path, hit-and-run goes global, and Culver founder one of us

Still in CA. Elderly man fatally struck, dragged by car along Monterey Park-Alhambra border How do you drag a man’s body and bicycle 3/4 of a mile and not know it?

PA wreck. Cyclist hurt in Pohatcong crash identified as Hunterdon County doctor At this point they are only saying the cyclist was hit head-on at a sharp bend in the road, no mention of which vehicle was over the centerline.

Still in PA another example of why cars are roughly equivalent of artillery. Truck crashes into Pine Road building in Dickinson Township Even when people are trying very hard not to be, motor vehicles are incredibly destructive.

More on the GA cyclist who was deliberately run down in GA after complaining of a close pass. Regarding Greg: Injured cyclist focuses on the big picture He has permanent brain damage, memory loss, and is confined to a wheelchair, but he retains a positive outlook on life! edit: whoops! that link kinda disappeared while I was making it! I had a minor computer crash and thought the link survived.

Infrastructure news from America’s Copenhagen. City testing ‘rumble bars’ to prevent encroachment into NE Couch bike lane I still think a sniper with .50 cal AP rounds would be the best solution if they won’t install a k-rail.

More good news from Portland. Biketown, the day after (reflections on a big deal) Biketown is the name of the new bike share system sponsored by Nike. Portland was one of the first cities in the US to consider bike share, but it took them forever to implement it.

And last bit from Portland more than a year later they are finally talking about allowing MTB trails in an area that has had them almost as long as MTB existed. Off-road update: New council date set for River View plan, committee selected for Master Plan

More infrastructure news from WI. 35th and Capitol Needs an Overhaul One of those 5-way intersections that just kinda dump everyone into the intersection at once because timing lights is HARD and planning bike lanes is even HARDER.

A wreck in VA. Cyclist transported to hospital after colliding with car during morning commute and Cyclist injured in collision with car on Broad Street Another crossing cyclist just pulling out in front of moving cars trying to get hit. And I have beachfront property in AZ to sell. On the off chance the cyclist was pre-coffee and not looking for cars you know how to avoid that situation.

How to pass a bicycle in the road from MS. Change lanes to pass

They eventually deal with a dangerous drunk driver in Bermuda. Road ban for dangerous drink driver I would have liked to see those bans consecutive rather than concurrent…

And from Canuckistan they prove that induced demand exists for cyclists as much as drivers. New cycling infrastructure increases number of cyclists on Winnipeg roads, report finds I suggest not reading the comments if you want to stay sane. Since I haven’t been sane in years I waded through them for you.

Humor from Jolly Olde. Cyclist rides through puddle – how Drummond Puddle Watch became an unlikely internet phenomenon

Also from the UK. Force all cyclists to use cycle lanes says Mr Loophole I’m not sure if this is hate speech or satire, sometimes it can be hard to tell.

Follow-up to a wreck from before I started doing this blog. 10 years on: Wife of cyclist killed in Rhyl tragedy reflects on his legacy

From Oz, the way to get compliance with the law is to remind people not to break it right before you plan on enforcing it. Police warn South Australia cyclists and motorists to share road ahead of safety operation I’m not convinced this is the way to run a sting…

Still in Oz. Cyclist injured in crash with car near Geelong This is exactly the kind of wreck the 1-1.5m passing law was intended to prevent, the hit-from-behind.

Last link is highly inspirational. The cycling Kung Fu Nuns That’s almost 1400 miles they’re riding.

And that’s all I got, and the sun is about to rise, so I’m off to bed for a few hours. I’m going to get a haircut tomorrow. Yes I know it’s “winter”, it got down to almost freezing a couple days last week.

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