Daily Archives: January 10, 2016

I guess I wasn’t supposed to build a stair rail today, on a Wreck-Free Sunday

I was supposed to finish building the rails for the steps at the church today, but when I went to the store to get the parts I bought to build nobody could find them. Since I was in something of a hurry to get back to church for evening services, I told the person that I would be back later in the week to get it and could they have it waiting out front at customer service for putting it together this Wednesday?

On other fronts I was going to show the parts I got this week from Amazon. I think I mentioned I got engines and tires for the Mini Sprint-T, and that I used precision measuring devices to check the tires against the ones I’m going to use on the street version of the Mini Sprint-T.

Well here are the engine kits in the package.

And here are the tires in the package.

This is the digital measurement of tire diameter.

This is the width measurement.

I think this was money well-spent.

Having written that, there are a few shortcomings here. F’rinstance that SBC in the kit (identified as the “Chevy 283”) is missing a few things normally found on street engines, like a water pump, alternator, and transmission. Those I’m going to have to get from another source, which I have already contacted. VCG Resins has all those parts plus the power steering pump . And for those of you saying that the 383 Blueprint crate engine is larger than the 283 in the kit, yes, but only internally. Externally all small-block Chevy engines are identical in size from the original 265 from 1954 to the 454 mutants available from Blueprint via Speedway Motors. They all bolt in exactly the same in the same space.

And I will be posting late most of this week, as I have to deposit a payment to the bank and pay some bills on Monday, visit the Lab Rat Keeper Tuesday, install that stair rail on Wednesday, shop for groceries on Thursday, and wait until after the last Feed reports post to my inbox at midnight on Friday. So fun, eh?

PSA, Opus